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The biggest sound in the smallest package; meet Marshall’s Motif A.N.C. true wireless earphones

Marshall Motif A.N.C true wireless earphones take that big, juicy sound Marshall is recognized for and put it right on your ears.

Marshall Motif A.N.C. true wireless earphones


Marshall, the brand that helped define the sound of the electric guitar, brings their boisterous rock’n’roll swagger into your pocket with their Motif A.N.C. earphones.

A bit by design, a bit by chance, Marshall amplifiers had an enormous influence on how rock’n’roll evolved between the ‘60s and ‘80s. That stylish black box gave the guitar a new voice, a novel sound palette that allowed the instrument to roar with timbres and harmonics it had not exhibited before.

Marshall amps not only gave rock a new texture but made the sound louder, making it possible for musicians to transition from club concerts to large arenas. It was the technical particularities of Marshall gear that gave guitars that aggressive, high-gain crunch most audiences associate today with hard rock. Not only that, its look —the minimal white serif-font logo, the black faux-leather covering— became a visual icon of rock superstardom.

A company that has stayed relevant for six decades thanks to its constant innovation, since the 2010s the British manufacturer entered the headphone market bringing to larger audiences all the values that made the brand a staple of the music industry.

“Suddenly, guitars were no longer polite.” — Steve Hackett.

Their Motif A.N.C true wireless earphones take that big, juicy sound Marshall is recognized for and put it right on your ears.

The Motif’s custom-tuned six-millimeter drivers offer a growling thick bass, a smooth mid-range, and a biting treble. The high end is bright and clear with no loss of detail. Furthermore, the app gives you plenty of settings to adjust EQ to your heart’s content. You also have the flexibility of picking your desired level of active noise cancellation and transparency to fit your particular needs. Imagine you’re on the subway and want to cancel out the rumble, but still want to hear the train announcer. Marshall’s A.N.C. technology got you covered.

Designed for all-day listening, they offer up to 20 hours of wireless playtime with Active Noise Cancellation on and up to 26 hours without it. After just 15 minutes of charge, you get one full hour of music, allowing the party to never stop. A full recharge from zero takes around three hours via the USB-C port on the base of the case.

Their sturdy design features gorgeous ridged grips, and three different ear tip sizes so you can find the most comfortable experience. Ipx5 water resistance rated earbuds and an ipx4 rated charging case make them ideal for the road. Go to the gym or the beach without ever worrying about them getting damaged. The overall look mimics Marshall’s well-known rock’n’roll aesthetics with a faux-leather finish on the case and the iconic “M” on the buds themselves. Even the cables are textured. The devil is in the details they say.

Whether it’s interacting with your music or your phone calls, the Motif’s smart touch makes it all incredibly easy. Tap once to play/pause, double tap to skip forward, and a triple tap to skip backwards. Long-tap on either headphone to switch to Transparency Mode.

Reliable Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity permits pairing over long, wall-crowded distances. Pairing is quickly done with a long press of the button in front of the case.

All in all, The Motif A.N.C true wireless earphones offer a huge sound and plenty of style, everything you’d expect from Marshall.

You can find Motif A.N.C. and other Marshall products like the Emberton II and Willen speakers at JB HiFi website.

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Later on I will call my mom

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I can be anything I want

Lyrics from ‘I Need Some Of That’, by Weezer.