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Tash Sultana Releases Highly-Anticipated New Album, ‘Terra Firma’

A long time coming, Terra Firma sees Tash Sultana continuing their status as an ever-evolving, world-beating artist.

Image of Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana's long-awaited 'Terra Firma' record has arrived.

Giulia McGauran & Pat Fox

It’s been a long time coming, but today has seen Tash Sultana release their long-awaited second album, Terra Firma.

First teased almost a year ago by way of lead single “Pretty Lady”, this run of musical previews following by way of singles “Greed”, “Beyond the Pine”, and the Jerome Farah-featuring “Willow Tree”, before January brought with it the slick “Sweet & Dandy”.

Now, months of waiting have come to an end by way of the official release of Terra Firma, an album which highlights Tash’s artistic growth which is set to be fully showcased at their upcoming gigs.

“2020 was about recording and writing the music. And this year will be about creating the show and bringing it to people,” Tash explained in a statement. “The new live show is everything the live show already was, plus a few things up my sleeve – but you’ll have to be there to understand.”

Ultimately, Tash explains that their new album was created with a singular goal of making music from a place of unashamed honesty which still explores new territory.

“Because if it does, you’ll never fuck up,” Tash explains. “I want to be an artist and make music non-stop, and just set the bar for myself every single time.… I just wanted to feel better, be better, perform better, play better, sing better. To be a better musician. And I think this record does that.”

As Managing Editor Poppy Reid writes in her review of the record, “Tash Sultana goes far out with fluttering grooves, neo-soul guitars and liquid lyricism on their sophomore album.

“Tash may be globally renowned as an expert noodler but it’s the refrain and funk-dipped cadence in exactly the right places that make Terra Firma so bewitching. Entirely composed, performed and produced by Tash, the album is steeped in resplendence and reflection, and soars with an all-knowing gratitude.”

Tash Sultana is also set to serve as the next cover artist for Rolling Stone Australia. In a nine-page cover feature, Rolling Stone Australia spoke to Tash following their sold-out show at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion in November – their final performance as a “one-person band”.

Throughout the far-reaching discussion, Tash and Reid touch upon all manner of topics, including the artist’s personal growth and gender affirmation, their new musical direction, and the journey that saw them go from high school class disrupter to bedroom and street performer to selling out venues globally.

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Tash Sultana’s Terra Firma is out now.