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Tash Sultana Teases New Single ‘Willow Tree’ Ahead of Official Release

Premiering on triple j this morning, Tash Sultana will release their fifth single of the year later this week.

Image of Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana's latest single, "Willow Tree", premiered on triple j this morning.

Ian Laidlaw*

Tash Sultana is on track to release their latest single this week, after “Willow Tree” premiered on triple j this morning.

Having teased the release of new music over the last week, and urging fans to look forward to October 29th, “Willow Tree” made its arrival earlier today, with Tash taking to social media soon afterwards to provide a lengthier teaser ahead of its official release.

Featuring Baker Boy and Kian collaborator Jerome Farah, the new track is as slick as anything released by Tash Sultana previously, with a groove-laden backing sitting behind the pair’s smooth vocals.

“Willow Tree” is set to serve as the latest single released by Tash Sultana this year, and is ostensibly the fourth taste of their forthcoming album, Terra Firma, though no specific details have been released at the current time.

In addition to tracks such as “Pretty Lady”, “Greed”, and “Beyond the Pine”, Tash also shared a cover of “Through the Valley” from The Last of Us: Part II in the lead up to its release. Speaking to triple j following its arrival, Tash explained how the song’s composer, Shawn James, even reached out to express his enjoyment of the new rendition.

“That was really nice. I feel like I did my duty because he really likes it,” Tash explained. “That’s kind of, mission: accomplished and it was an awesome privilege to be part of. I didn’t expect the reaction that it had either. So that’s even cooler.”

Though no details about the forthcoming release of Terra Firma have been revealed as yet, the constant teasing of the October 29th date on Tash’s socials may indicate that in fact the official release of “Willow Tree” might bring with it some heavily-anticipated album information.

Tash Sultana’s “Willow Tree” is on track to be released on Thursday, October 29th.