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Tash Sultana Launches Remix Competition for Latest Single, ‘Greed’

The winner of the competition will have their remix appear as a digital bonus track to Tash Sultana’s forthcoming second album, Terra Firma

Image of Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana has called on fans to create a remix of their latest single, "Greed".

Ian Laidlaw*

Barely two weeks after the release of their latest single, world-beating Australian artist Tash Sultana is urging fans to remix “Greed” as part of a newly-launched competition.

Announcing the news yesterday, Tash called upon their fans to exercise their creativity by reworking the recently-released single.

“Calling all producers from all walks of life, wherever you are, whoever you are,” Tash begins in a video posted to social media. “This is the next official challenge that we are releasing.”

Sharing the raw stems to the tracks on their website yesterday, Tash explains that fans are urged to rework and remix the track, and submit their final product as part of a competition which will see the winning entry included as a bonus track on the digital edition of Tash’s upcoming album, Terra Firma.

Entries to the competition are open now, with submissions closing as of 11:59pm AEST on Thursday, August 6th.

Speaking of “Greed” upon its release, Tash explained that the song is about “how people change around you when you achieve some sort of success”.

“People you’ve never had anything to do with try and climb into your life somehow, people you’ve known for ages suddenly go silent,” they explained.

“People who never paid you for a gig suddenly want to book you. That person from high school that gave you shit for playing the guitar suddenly wants on the guest list. It’s a funny little thing all of this and what it does to people.”

In related news, Tash also partnered with PlayStation Australia and Sony Music Australia to share a cover of “Through the Valley” from the soundtrack to the highly-anticipated video game, The Last of Us Part II.

“This is the first time I’ve done a collab like this,” Tash explained at the time. “Usually it’s kinda just like writing sessions with other musos but this is for a game and it’s different as it’s not my usual style to venture into so I’m completely honoured to be asked to do something like this. I can’t wait to see it in the game world.”