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Tash Sultana Shares Video for New Single, ‘Beyond the Pine’

“Here is a visual representation of energy fluidity,” Tash Sultana explained of the latest single from forthcoming album, Terra Firma.

Tash Sultana has called on fans to create a remix of their latest single, "Greed".

Ian Laidlaw*

As Tash Sultana gets closer to the release of their forthcoming record, Terra Firma, the acclaimed Aussie artist has now shared the clip for new single, “Beyond the Pine”.

Officially released earlier this month, Tash explained that the single is about “finding solace in nature and realising the depth of your relationship when you find your one.”

Already scoring acclaim from their fanbase, Tash has now upped the ante somewhat, sharing the official video clip for the song earlier today.

Directed by Sydney cinematographer Patrick Rohl and starring Australian dancers Timothy Springs and Chris Haines, the track’s hazy, dreamy quality is paired with a visual accompaniment which illuminates the joys and trials of an intimate relationship through the contrast of light and shade, flow and tension.

“Love is yours no matter the colour, race, gender, religion, sexuality or identity,” Tash explained of the clip. “Here is a visual representation of energy fluidity.”

Following on from previous singles in 2020, including “Pretty Lady” and “Greed”, “Beyond the Pine” is set to appear on Tash’s forthcoming album, Terra Firma, which is yet to receive an official release date. In an interview with triple j in June, Tash noted the record is somewhat more collaborative than their first, with musical mate Matt Corby set to appear on a couple more songs.

“I haven’t had a shared experience like that before,” Tash explained of the record’s creation. “I’ve done everything prior to this record just completely on my own. I just thought, let’s change it up for the second album, and see what we can do with other people’s knowledge and input and whatnot.”

Tash Sultana’s “Beyond the Pine” is out now.