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The 19 Biggest Music Milestones in Video Games

The songs, collaborations, and fully playable characters that cemented the marriage between music and gaming

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THE ERA OF modern gaming began over 50 years ago — and in the time since Pong(1972), video games have gone from minimalistic engineering oddities to multi-billion dollar franchises that make Hollywood blockbusters seem humble in comparison. An essential part of that evolutionary leap has been audio and its design.

For video games, virtual worlds needed to be built pixel by pixel, and in the early days, with limited audio technology. By nature, designers were creating the very tools needed to imagine new worlds, both visually and sonically, at the same time. Mainstream musicians caught on quickly too, as artists saw new ways to express themselves in a burgeoning soundscape. Artists from Journey to Kylie Minogue to Lil Nas X have seen themselves in a game — and others, from Michael Jackson to Paul McCarney have contributed music for one.

The symbiotic relationship between music and gaming runs deep. Here, 50 years of music’s gaming milestones.

From Rolling Stone US

Fortnite Introduces Virtual Performances

Superstar rapper Travis Scott delivers the first major virtual performance in an ongoing game world with his 10-minute set in Fortnite­. The performance sees Scott deliver a melody of tracks and going full Sicko Mode as his avatar shapeshifts between cyborgs and spaceman. 12 million people tune in for an event that would kick off a trend.

Lil Nas X Co-Designs a Character for League of Legends

Once again making music history in gaming, a matured League of Legends names Lil Nas X as its president. During his six-week tenure, he releases the year’s anthem, “Star Walkin’,” as well as a playable in-game character dubbed K’Stane, which he co-designs with Riot Games.

The Recording Academy Recognizes Gaming

For the first time in its history, the Recording Academy announces a Grammys Award category for Best Score Soundtrack for Video Games. The introduction of the category is one of the first mainstream awards ceremonies to open its doors to gaming, alongside the BAFTAs. Hopefully, many more are soon to follow.