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50 Greatest Australian Artists of All Time – #3: Kylie Minogue

Ricki-Lee reflects on Kylie Minogue, one of the world’s most iconic and most successful pop artists.

50 Greatest Australian Artists of All Time - Kylie Minogue

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In December of 2020, Rolling Stone Australia released a special edition issue which looks at the 50 Greatest Australian Artists of All Time, paying tribute to the best and most impactful artists in Australian music history. While it would have been easy for the editors and writers of the publication to profess their love of the listed artists, the decision was instead made for those who found themselves inspired by these world-renowned names to share their own testimonials of why these artists deserve to make the list.

In celebration of the issue’s release in December, we’re counting down the full 50 artists and their accompanying testimonials in this ongoing online feature. If you want to get your hands on an physical copy of the magazine, be sure to subscribe now to experience the double-length edition featuring some of Australia’s best and brightest discussing the finest names in local music.

50 Greatest Australian Artists of All Time – #3: Kylie Minogue (by Ricki-Lee)

Since I was a little kid, Kylie Minogue has flown the Aussie flag all around the world and shown little girls like me that Australian artists can take on the best in the world. As so many little girls did – I grew up dancing to her music videos, singing her songs and dreaming that one day I could be like her. Kylie is such an amazing example that hard work and dedication will always be what separates you from the rest, and is the key to longevity in this business.

One of the things I love the most about Kylie is that there is nothing she does where you ever feel like it’s inauthentic or undercooked, or like she is doing anything for the sake of it – or for shock value. With Kylie, it is always genuine and no matter how much success she has had over the years, she is still pushing boundaries, making statements and experimenting.

In my eyes, Kylie is the one who set the bar for female Aussie pop artists. Kylie is the OG Australian pop artist, and you always look to her and reference her career for inspiration and motivation. She is an icon, a living legend and is in a league of her own. 

“There is nothing she does where you ever feel like it’s inauthentic or undercooked.”

Kylie has been such a chameleon over the years and is constantly reinventing her look and her sound. It’s always been really exciting as a fan to see what she is going to do next. Her music videos have been so iconic – from the curly-haired fresh-faced teen in “Locomotion” to the gold hotpant wearing vixen in “Spinning Around”; The grungy Nineties Kylie in “Confide In Me” to the futuristic “Can’t Get You Outta My Head” Kylie; The country Kylie in “Dancing” to the disco diva in “Say Something” – her videos are legendary!

Not to mention her live shows. I mean… Kylie is the ultimate showgirl! From the costumes to the sets to the choreography, her shows are OTT, camp, fabulous and innovative – and the ways she brings her iconic songs to life on stage is incredible. 

Over the years Kylie has brought so much joy to so many people’s lives. I have so much love and respect for Kylie, and we are all so lucky to have been given the pleasure of enjoying her music and incomparable talents for the last 30 years!