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Rolling Stone Lists the 50 Greatest Australian Artists of All Time For New Issue

As part of a special collector’s edition, Rolling Stone collects testimonials from some of local music’s biggest names to count down the 50 Greatest Australian Artists of All Time.

Rolling Stone will count down 50 of the greatest Australian artists for its upcoming issue.

It’s an age-old question amongst music fans: Just who is the greatest musician of all time? While the responses received will usually be as varied as they are contentious, almost all answers tend to overlook the best and brightest that were spawned in our own backyard.

For the upcoming third issue of Rolling Stone Australia, this is the very notion that has been addressed, with an in-depth dive into the greatest Australian artists of all time by some of the finest names in the business.

Throughout the special collector’s edition issue of the magazine, Rolling Stone counts down 50 of the most important, successful, and above all, most respected names in Australian music, created with the help of artists, music-lovers, media personalities, and more.

Adding to the list, the top 50 countdown is paired with an in-depth testimonial from artists close to the listed musicians. Whether it be the likes of Midnight Oil’s Peter Garrett singing the praises of Yothu Yindi, or Briggs discussing the importance of Archie Roach, it’s an immersive walk through Aussie music history, guided by some of the industry’s greats.

Set to arrive on December 7th, the double-length issue (that’s 200 pages!) features a full-colour cover illustration by local artist Debb Oliver. It’s set to serve as the perfect conversation-starter for anyone who even has a passing interest in the world of Australian music.

Image of the Rolling Stone '50 Greatest Australian Artists of All Time' list

Cover illustration by Debb Oliver.

Rolling Stone has a long history of involving artists in its content, dating all the way back to 1971, when Patti Smith wrote a few record reviews for the US magazine,” explains Rolling Stone Australia Managing Editor Poppy Reid.

“It makes sense then, that the story of the Greatest Australian Artists of All Time is told by the artists’ peers,” she added. “We have entrusted the tales of each artist in the list to singers, producers, multi-instrumentalists and songwriters who have lovingly penned essays to honour these stylistic trailblazers. Australian music has a rich past, but with this list of the Greatest Australian Artists of All Time, it’s clearly traversing forward in significant ways.”

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