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Within Current Issue:

  • Tash Sultana: The Rolling Stone Cover Story
  • Down to Give? The shady ethics of porn philanthropy
  • The Truth is Not Out There. The psychology of conspiracy theories
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  • The Canna-Boom. How medicinal cannabis is becoming big business in Australia despite ongoing issues for the people who need it
  • Black Lives Matter Redux. The enduring injustice of First Nations peoples’ deaths in custody
  • The Reinvention of Tkay Maidza. The unpredictable Tkay Maidza proves she can turn her ambitious ideas into reality
  • Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. Putting Aussie psych-rock on the map without even trying
  • The Transverberation of Tracy Pew. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Birthday Party’s Prayers on Fire
  • And much more!

Within Next Issue:

  • How ambient music entered the mainstream
  • Chet Faker speaks to Rolling Stone about what’s really in a name
  • Australian Icon Michael Gudinski is celebrated with a mini-magazine lift-out
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  • Amy Shark is confronting her past and shaping a new vision for her future
  • Skegss are living every day as if it might just be their last
  • The story of Ay Huncho, Australia’s Most Dangerous Rapper
  • Mind Uploading: Another in a long line of immortality shams, or not?
  • AJJ’s Sean Bonnette discusses what it’s like to still be performing regular livestreams more than a year down the line
  • Kiwi Artists are naturalising Māori culture and language through music

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The 50 Greatest Australian Artists of All Time

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