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Violent Soho Share ‘The State of Music’ Live Recording of ‘Canada’

The clip was recorded live at Brisbane’s Plutonium Studios as part of Violent Soho’s appearance on the season finale of The State of Music.


It’s been close to three months since Violent Soho unleashed their latest album, Everything is A-OK, but the good news keeps on coming for fans of the Mansfield outfit, with the band sharing a live recording of “Canada” recently.

Recorded for their recent appearance on the weekly live series The State of Music, the clip shows the group performing the track at Brisbane’s Plutonium Studios, undoubtedly serving as a snapshot of what fans were supposed to see following the album’s release, before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior to the record’s release, frontman Luke Boerdam noted how the record’s title managed to inadvertently become a far-too relevant statement for the current times.

“It’s fascinating that some of the lyrics talk about… Y’know, saying ‘Everything is A-OK‘ is essentially an ironic statement,” he explained. “It’s weird, because it was actually written when society or Australia in general was at a relatively peaceful time in comparison to now.

“I think it’s just really fascinating that people can listen to this album in the context where it actually does refer to something that everyone is going through, in a very real sense. So, I think it’s fascinating that our record is being put out at this time.

“I think if there’s a record to sum up what’s going on right now lyrically, I think this is definitely one of them.”

The release of the live recording of “Canada” comes following a massive few months for the group, which saw them not only receive the second #1 album on the ARIA chart, but also saw the release of a making-of documentary centred around their new album, which also received a rather unique “live” broadcast from an empty Suncorp Stadium.

Currently, there’s no word as to when Violent Soho’s planned album release tour might occur, though it’s likely that dates will be announced once things return to some semblance of normalcy.