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Violent Soho Announce Live Album Stream from Empty Suncorp Stadium

“We recommend watching it 8 times in a row,” Violent Soho joked of their upcoming ‘live’ performance from the Brisbane stadium.

Image of Violent Soho

Can't wait to hear Violent Soho's new album played live? Catch it broadcasting from an empty Suncorp Stadium tomorrow.

Sean Pyke/Supplied

When you’ve got a #1 album, it appears you can do almost anything. At least, that seems to ring true for Violent Soho, who will livestream their album from an empty Suncorp Stadium tomorrow.

Announcing the news on their socials overnight, the group urged their fans to tune in to YouTube or their Facebook page on Friday morning to hear what their latest record would sound like when played through a boombox in the middle of an empty Suncorp Stadium.

“We recommend watching it 8 times in a row,” Violent Soho joked.

Catch Violent Soho’s Everything is A-OK being broadcast live from a boombox at Suncorp Stadium tomorrow morning.

While it sounds as though it might be something of a practical joke better suited for the start of April, it appears as though this could be one event that draws in a large crowd. After all, Violent Soho’s Everything is A-OK managed to hit #1 on the ARIA chart in the week following its release; the second time they’ve done so.

Speaking to Rolling Stone ahead of its release, frontman Luke Boerdam explained that the album’s title wasn’t meant as a sarcastic commentary on the current times we find ourselves in, but ended up being rather fitting.

“It’s fascinating that some of the lyrics talk about… Y’know, saying ‘Everything is A-OK‘ is essentially an ironic statement,” Boerdam explained. “It’s weird, because it was actually written when society or Australia in general was at a relatively peaceful time in comparison to now.

“I think it’s just really fascinating that people can listen to this album in the context where it actually does refer to something that everyone is going through, in a very real sense. So, I think it’s fascinating that our record is being put out at this time.

“I think if there’s a record to sum up what’s going on right now lyrically, I think this is definitely one of them. Maybe it’s more relevant than ever to put this record out.”

While Violent Soho were lucky enough to not have any planned tour dates affected by the COVID-19 lockdowns, both the band and their fans are undoubtedly looking forward to seeing their live show brought to Aussie stages in the near future.

In the meantime, Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium might be the closest thing you get to hearing tracks from Everything is A-OK in a live setting, so be sure to tune in from 11am AEST on Friday, May 8th.