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Violent Soho Release ‘Everything Is A-OK’ Making-Of Documentary

The Making of Everything Is A-OK sees Violent Soho offering fans a behind-the-scenes look at what went into their most recent chart-topping album.

Can't wait to hear Violent Soho's new album played live? Catch it broadcasting from an empty Suncorp Stadium tomorrow.

Sean Pyke/Supplied

More than a month on from the release of their latest critically-acclaimed album, Violent Soho have offered up a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Everything Is A-OK.

Directed and edited by Tim O’Keefe, featuring footage from Tim O’Keefe, and photos by Ian Laidlaw and the band’s own Luke Henery, The Making of Everything Is A-OK is a 14-minute deep dive at what went into the recording of the group’s fifth studio album and second chart-topping release.

Featuring interviews with the band members, the mini documentary provides an intriguing insight into the mindset of Violent Soho’s members ahead of the album’s production.

“I think if we didn’t have a break, we wouldn’t be a band anymore,” notes Henery at one point, echoing the sentiments shared by Luke Boerdam during a chat with Rolling Stone ahead of the album’s release.

“I think the band had reached a point where we didn’t want to do another WACO and we didn’t want to do another Hungry Ghost,” Boerdam recalled. “And after 14 or 15 years of being a band, you kind of start questioning, ‘Do we even make another record?’

“Like, if we’re not feeling it and I can’t write the songs to a level where we feel it, if I can’t deliver, and if we’re not motivated to go to fucking band practice… does the world need another Soho album?

Thankfully, the group’s persistence paid off, with Everything Is A-OK debuting on top of the ARIA charts the week following its release.

Just last week, the group provided fans with the closest thing they’ve had to a live gig in some time, broadcasting a livestream of the record being played through a boombox in an empty Suncorp Stadium.

The full documentary, The Making of Everything Is A-OK, is available to watch via YouTube now.