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Hilltop Hoods to Host ‘Australian Music Is Bloody Great’ Community Radio Program

Adelaide’s Hilltop Hoods are the latest Aussie artists to head up community radio’s weekly showcase of exceptional local talent.

Promo image of the Hilltop Hoods

Adelaide's Hilltop Hoods turn into action stars in a groundbreaking collaboration with one of the biggest comic publishers in the world, Z2 Comics.


Adelaide hip-hop icons the Hilltop Hoods are set to take to the community radio airwaves this Friday, hosting the latest edition of Australian Music Is Bloody Great.

First announced in early April, Australian Music Is Bloody Great was thought up as a way to ensure that local artists are receiving the platform they so desperately need during this time of shutdown for the industry.

Hosted by the likes of Sampa the Great and the Teskey Brothers so far, the weekly program features its hosts playing some of their favourite cuts from local acts, and is broadcast by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA).

Now, the latest edition of the program is set to see Australian hip-hop icons the Hilltop Hoods taking to the airwaves this Friday.

The Adelaide trio’s appearance on the airwaves comes – quite fittingly – one week after they released “I’M GOOD?”, a new single which addresses the frustrations surrounding COVID-19 lockdowns and was released as a means of raising much-needed funds for Support Act.

“It’s a very dark time at the moment, so we wanted to make something light-hearted, we’re hoping that the song might give someone a laugh and maybe lift their spirits,” the group explained.

“But ultimately what we want to do is raise money for the roadies and associated support crew – including those who have lost their livelihoods due to this pandemic.”

The group will be hitting the airwaves this Friday, and have tracks by the likes of Dune Rats, Jayteehazard, Baker Boy, Remi., Illy, Emalia, We Move Like Giants, and Kingswood already loaded onto their playlist.

In related news, community radio organisers have been taking part in a fortnightly column over on Tone Deaf which shines a spotlight on a number of local artists that listeners can support during this tough time. 3RRR’s Simon Winkler spearheaded the first edition, 4ZZZ’s Liz Ansley tackled the second edition, and Sally Lewis & Trinh Dang Brook of Melbourne’s SYN FM looked after the third.