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Sampa the Great, Teskey Brothers to Host All-Aussie Community Radio Show

‘Australian Music is Bloody Great’ is set to debut on Friday, with the likes of Sampa the Great and the Teskey Brothers scheduled to host episodes.

Image of Sampa the Great

Sampa the Great is set to appear as the host on an episode of 'Australian Music is Bloody Great'

Barun Chatterjee/Supplied

Community radio is set to receive a boost from some of Australia’s most popular names, with the likes of Sampa the Great and the Teskey Brothers set to host a weekly program full of local music.

For countless musicians and music-lovers, community radio has served as a gateway to great things. While numerous acts out there cite being heard on 3RRR as the moment they knew they’d made it, there are endless fans who can trace a lifelong love affair with their favourite artists back to tuning into a community radio station.

Now, this week is set to see the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) launch a brand new show across the Community Radio Network, with Australian Music is Bloody Great set to arrive on Friday.

Fronted by some of the biggest names on the independent scene – including Sampa The Great, Teskey Brothers, Genesis Owusu, Husky, and more, these artists will play some of their favourite local cuts, while helping to foster the discovery and support of so many local artists during this difficult time.

Australian Music is Bloody Great will make its on-air debut on Friday, April 10th, and will be available both live and for download to community stations via the Community Radio Network.

“The initiative came about through ongoing conversations about community radio and its support of Australian bands,” The Annex’s Mardi Caught explained to The Industry Observer. “Like most people in the industry, we look to community radio to help us develop emerging talent and expose existing talent across all genres.

“Without the ability for the stations to broadcast, we lose yet another opportunity to support Australian music during the pandemic.

“The CBAA have been really active over the last year to make the relationship with the musicians and the community radio sector more fluid, and having been a part of this discussion it was an easy initiative to activate with the Amrap team there.

“The response from the artist community was immediate as well, which was heartwarming to see.”

In related news, community radio organisers have been taking part in a fortnightly column over on Tone Deaf which shines a spotlight on a number of local artists that listeners can support during this tough time. 3RRR’s Simon Winkler spearheaded the first edition, while 4ZZZ’s Liz Ansley tackled the second edition.

Appreciated in conjunction with the upcoming launch of Australian Music is Bloody Great, there’s bound to be no shortage of stunning local music for dedicated fans to listen to.