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Playlists in Perpetuity: What Albums Would Sam Fischer Take to a Desert Island?

In this new series, Sam Fischer reveals to Rolling Stone AU/NZ which albums he’d be willing to listen to in perpetuity if he found himself stranded and alone on an island

Sam Fischer at The Vanguard

Sam Fischer can increasingly draw a crowd – and one that Rolling Stone AU/NZ thinks is only going to get bigger as time goes on.

The singer-songwriter recently announced the upcoming title of his debut album, which some fans are bound to have on repeat.

What songs is he willing to listen to in perpetuity though?

Here, Sam Fischer reveals to Rolling Stone AU/NZ the albums he’d be willing to have on rotation for eternity – or at least until he found a way off a deserted island.

Jazmine Sullivan – Heaux Tales

Without a doubt my favourite album of the last few years. It runs the gamut of emotions from feeling like a powerful badass to being all up in your feels. A song, a lyric, a mood, a vibe for any and every moment, which, if in isolation, you’re gonna need the whole spectrum! Lastly, but for me, most importantly, the vocals and musical arrangements are off the chain. Get into it!

Sasha Sloan – Self-Portrait

This project got me through my own isolation. I think Sasha Sloan is the best songwriter in the world who I was lucky enough to write “High On You” with. Sasha has the ability to talk about such minute human emotion in a way that I just would never think of and say the things I haven’t been able to find a way to say so simply. So if you’re alone on a desert island, you’re gonna feel some things you hadn’t felt before and you’re gonna need a way to explain them, so look no further than this project.

Beyoncé – Renaissance

Recently I’ve been watching Yellowjackets and it’s intense! They might not be on a desert island, but I just feel like the fear, the loneliness, the hunger, the trauma and also the supernatural happenings could all be alleviated and forgotten about for 62 minutes and 14 seconds if they could just listen to Renaissance once a day! Queen B is IT and you can’t deny the way this album gets under your skin and makes you move!

RAYE – My 21st Century Blues

First of all, this album is perfect. It made me feel proud of Raye, feel angry for Raye, feel compassion and relief for Raye and most of all feel love for Raye. It’s a ‘take a long walk along an unknown coast line’ moment. It’s a ‘climb through a dense, humid rainforest’ moment. It’s a ‘find peace in a beautiful sunset after hiking up a foggy mountain’ moment. It’s dope, Raye’s dope, you won’t regret taking this beauty of an album with you.

Frank Ocean – Channel ORANGE

IYKYK. An album that needs no explanation as to why you’d take it to soundtrack the rest of your days on a desert island. Frank Ocean is the king. He’s like the personification of the mirage-to-reality pipeline and by that I mean as an idea he’s magical/mythical/majestic and in music/human form he’s towering/effortless/perfect. This is an album that would be perfect to listen to while lying down on a beach, staring up at the sky and letting the idea you may never be found float away.