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Barkaa Reveals Top 4 Darwin Highlights Ahead of NIMAs

Darwin is the perfect destination for anyone seeking anything from adventure and adrenaline to music and memories, and community and crocodiles

Whether you’re after an adrenaline rush or a long, quiet moment of reflection and relaxation, Darwin has you covered.

On top of everything else it has to offer, the top end’s top city will soon play host to the National Indigenous Music Awards (NIMAs), bringing together some of the country’s top performers including Budjerah, Thelma Plum, Kobie Dee and Barkaa, who is acting as our unofficial tour guide.

Last year, the proud Malyangapa, Barkindji woman won Film Clip of the Year for “King Brown”. This year, she’s shared her top tips for what she’ll be getting up to when she’s on Larrakia country.

“I’m super excited to check out Buley Rockhole at Litchfield National Park. It just looks like beautiful sacred country and I can’t wait to put my feet on that red dirt and just be able to witness it by myself,” she told Rolling Stone AU/NZ.

This iconic swimming spot has a series of shallow and deep holes, set among several small, rapid flowing streams. It’s open most of the year and the cool water rushing over your shoulders is the perfect way to wind down after a big day of exploring (or a big night at the NIMAs the night before).

Barkaa said she’s also keen to get outside her comfort zone and feed the crocodiles at Crocosaurus Cove.

This is located in the heart of Darwin, offering city visitors a unique, up-close and personal (and let’s face it, safer) view of these magnificent creatures. It offers Australia’s only crocodile dive, as well as a Fishing For Crocs Platform, a freshwater aquarium and a Turtle Billabong.

On a perhaps less intense – but no less enlightening – note, Barkaa will also be heading off to check out the Darwin Street Art Festival, which will be running from August 28th to September 15th.

Along with bringing some of the biggest global names in street and mural art to Darwin, DSAF works hard to enable local artists to increase their skills and be paid for their incredible work, as well as allowing them as much artistic vision and licence as possible.

“As an artist, I love art, so I’m just really excited to check out other artists’ artwork and just witness all the beautiful things that Darwin has to offer,” Barkaa said.

More than anything though, Barkaa is looking forward to the connection and community on country.

“Main thing, I cannot wait to get up there and connect with all the mob and try out their local bush tucker there, be welcomed properly onto country and just tread lightly.”

The National Indigenous Music Awards (NIMAs) are taking place on Saturday, August 12th at the Darwin Amphitheatre in the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens as part of the Darwin Festival. It will be a huge celebration of the latest musical custodians of the world’s oldest continuous culture.