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Best Australian Music of the Week: May 6th-May 12th

Stay up to date with all the standout tracks released last week with Rolling Stone AU/NZ’s weekly roundup

Fanning Dempsey National Park

Fanning Dempsey National Park

Cybele Malinowski

Every week, Rolling Stone AU/NZ dives into our favourite Australian music released from the past seven days. Today, explore fresh tracks from Fanning Dempsey National Park, Temgazi, Jem Cassar-Daley, Keelan Mak, Stand Atlantic, Anna Lunoe & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Sly Withers, Radio Free Alice, The Buoys, and more.

Fanning Dempsey National Park – “Disconnect”

Fanning Dempsey National Park marks the exciting collaboration between two of Australia’s most celebrated artists of the past 30 years, Paul Dempsey and Bernard Fanning.

“We agreed straight away there’s no point doing something together if it’s going to be what people think it’s going to be… It’s not the two of us with acoustic guitars singing campfire songs,” the duo says.

Their lead single, “Disconnect”, offers an electrifying preview of their forthcoming album. With punchy drums, triumphant horns, and infectious guitar hooks, it’s a dynamic track where Fanning and Dempsey share lead vocals.

Fanning elaborated on the song’s theme in an Instagram video: “’Disconnect’ is about having to walk away from something you really love because it’s no longer working for you.”

Temgazi – “Worst Way”

The Sydney artist’s newest single, “Worst Way” is a pure R&B ballad, resonating with the masses as she reflects on toxic relationships. It’s a superb start to the year for Temgazi.

Jermango Dreaming & Butter Bath – “My Love”

Two exciting Sydney artists for the price of one. Jermango Dreaming and Butter Bath have joined forces for a groovy indie pop track that will blow away any impending winter cobwebs.

Jem Cassar-Daley – “Texas Ain’t That Far, Is It Dear?” 

Following a successful stint supporting Kita Alexander on her album tour in April, the talented First Nations artist unveils a lovely and warm new single. “Texas Ain’t That Far, Is It Dear?” is fitting material to her musical lineage as the daughter of Aussie country star Troy Cassar-Daley.

Keelan Mak – “Naked Eye” 

Melbourne artist Keelan Mak unveils another pop melancholy gem, made during a writing session with Troye Sivan, Leland, and Vetta Borne at 301 Studios during Sydney WorldPride 2023.

Mak shares, “’Naked Eye’ is about that little bit of love you keep for someone after everything’s done and dusted. I dropped this boy off at an airport, we cried, and I missed him a lot. Things eventually faded and life went on but there was always this little smidge of hope in me that we’d meet again.”

Anna Lunoe & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – “Right Here” 

 Australian producer Anna Lunoe and Grammy-nominated artist Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs have teamed up for a high-energy, synth-heavy track. Described by Lunoe as “a sassy anthem to remind you who the main character is in your life… (you!),” it promises to amp you up for a night out.

Stand Atlantic – “LOVE U ANYWAY” 

Sydney’s Stand Atlantic break new ground with their debut true love ballad, nicely intertwining heartfelt sentiments with their signature sugary pop-punk sound. Vocalist Bonnie Fraser says it’s her “first explicit love song ever.”

“I tried to draw on my experience of how I felt in relationships that have huge ups and massive lows,” Fraser says. “Get addicted to the cycles together but ultimately you hold onto the idea that you will love each other through it all… spoiler alert it did not last forever for me, but the song’s message is still cute as hell so the lyrics stay!!!”

Sly Withers – “Everything” 

Perth’s pop-punk sensations, Sly Withers, unleash a resolute anthem with their latest track, marking a fresh chapter for the four-piece just ahead of their nationwide tour in June. “At its heart, the track is about uncertainty and insecurity. It’s about things feeling like they’re falling apart a little, but resolving to keep having a crack nonetheless.” 

Radio Free Alice – “2010” 

With a nod to unrequited love, this latest track from the Naarm/Melbourne-based band has swiftly become a live crowd-pleaser, setting the stage for their upcoming UK tour, which includes an appearance at The Great Escape.

“We’ve been playing the song live for almost a year now,” the band shares. “Musically we were influenced by early The Cure and The Smiths. The song focuses on the instrumentation rather than the vocals more than any other track on the EP. It’s the first and only song we have with a pretty much totally instrumental chorus.”

The Buoys – “Check Mate” 

In a big week, The Buoys announce their debut album, Lustre (dropping July 12th), and unleash their latest single, “Check Mate”.

The powerful track pairs a driving rhythm with a catchy singalong chorus for good measure. Inspired by the support of friends during tough times, “Check Mate” reflects on the pressure of always being available via phone. The Sydney band is currently on tour in the UK with Vacations, including a stop at The Great Escape, before returning home to support Luke Hemmings in a hometown show this June.

G Flip – drumless

G Flip has released their latest project, drumless, which finds the multi-instrumentalist reimagining tracks from their 2023 album, DRUMMER, with a twist. Stripping away their trusty drums, G Flip transforms energetic tunes like “The Worst Person Alive” on a slower, introspective sound, while the award-winning “Good Enough” becomes a raw and emotional ballad.

KUČKA – “Wasting Time (til the end of the world)”

KUČKA has announced her much-anticipated second album, Can You Hear Me Dreaming?, accompanied by her new single “Wasting Time (til the end of the world)”. KUČKA’s new single is described as a track “you’d listen to with your friends while driving through a burning city,” and it captures the essence of contemporary chaos, blending the bleakness of today’s world with a sense of escapism in her trademark glitch pop style.