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‘DRUMMER’ Cements G Flip’s Status as a Global Talent

G Flip’s new album showcases their range and rawness

G Flip

Callum Walker Hutchinson*

G Flip is having a moment. Well, many moments. Whether it was their electric performance at last year’s Splendour in the Grass — almost enhanced, not hampered, by their broken hand — or their headline-stealing video clip for “Get Me Outta Here”. 

But it’s not G Flip’s injuries or image we should be paying attention to. Instead, it’s their new album, the follow-up to 2020’s About Us

If not image or injuries, the focus with G Flip is often on their incredible drumming skills, so it’s fitting this release is called DRUMMER. The album also puts G’s powerful vocals on display, whether it’s through the pained “The Worst Person Alive”, or the passionate “Be Your Man”.

The album showcases G Flip’s range and rawness, and will likely further cement them as an Australian talent the world is talking about. 

Stream: G Flip, DRUMMER

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