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G Flip Reimagines Tracks on New EP ‘drumless’

The multi-instrumentalist recently featured in our ‘Future of Music’ series

G Flip

Jack Alexander

G Flip has released their latest project, drumless, which finds the multi-instrumentalist reimagining tracks from their 2023 album, DRUMMERwith a crucial difference.

On drumless, G Flip reworks five tracks from DRUMMER without their trusty drums, the instrument that has become synonymous with the Australian artist.

This means the normally energetic “The Worst Person Alive” is slowed down, becoming more introspective, while “Good Enough”, which won an ARIA Award last year (Best Video), becomes a sparse emotional ballad.

“I wrote my album DRUMMER from the drums up, so I thought it would be a fun experiment to reimagine some of my favourite songs on the album without [a] drum kit,” G Flip shares. “I love playing with arrangements, switching genres, changing tempos and keys, so it was a lot of fun messing around with all the songs to make them different and drumless. I’m very proud of this cheeky project and hope you enjoy it, mates.”

DRUMMER earned G Flip several nominations at the 2023 ARIA Awards, including for Album of the Year and Best Independent Release. It also soared to the top of the ARIA Albums Chart last year.

G Flip is currently on a 25-date US tour, before the globetrotting star returns home for an appearance at Adelaide’s Spin Off Festival in July. Find out more information about G Flip’s upcoming shows here.

In other G Flip news, the multi-instrumentalist recently featured in Rolling Stone AU/NZ‘s ‘Future of Music’ series, chosen as one of 25 Australian and New Zealand artists tipped for their global breakthrough moment.

“G Flip is the multi-instrumentalist spinning heads worldwide, reinventing solo pop with their drum-focused flair,” we wrote.

“One of the most prominent drummers in modern music, G Flip memorably performed live and played drums at a trio of shows with just one hand due to an injury in 2022, the sort of moment that gains respect and admiration for years… G Flip is the drummer marching to their own beat, and more and more people are rightly following behind them.”

G Flip’s drumless EP is out now via Future Classic.