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Stopping Short: 10 ‘Seinfeld’ Episodes You Forgot You Loved

From ‘The Mango’ to ‘The Marine Biologist,’ these are the stellar ‘Seinfelds’ that get unfairly overlooked

“The Subway”
Jan 8, 1992
Season: 3
Each member of the foursome has a separate subway adventure: Jerry falls asleep en route to Coney Island and wakes up across from a fat naked guy. George hits it off with an attractive businesswoman who persuades him to get off before his stop and later robs him. Kramer scores big at the OTB after overhearing a tip on a horse. Elaine’s train gets stuck between stations while she makes her way toward a lesbian couple’s wedding where she is the “best man.”

[This list was originally published July 2014]

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‘The Merv Griffin Show’

Aired: Nov 6, 1997
Season: 9
Kramer finds the old set from The Merv Griffin Show in a dumpster and sets it up in his apartment. Jerry dates a woman with an incredible collection of vintage toys that she won’t let him touch. He plies her with wine and turkey to make her drowsy, so he can play with them while she sleeps. Elaine contends with a “sidler” at work: a new Peterman employee named Lou Filerman who keeps sneaking up on her. She tells him his breath stinks and gives him Tic Tacs to make him a “human maraca,” but panics when Peterman complains that the sound reminds him of “the Haitian voodoo rattle torture.” George hits a squirrel with his car and, to appease the woman he’s with, spends a fortune on medical treatment to save its life.

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