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Shure Change the Mobile Content Creation Game with the MoveMic System

If you want to be in the content creation game proper, you need to take your production quality seriously. That’s where Shure comes in.

Shure MoveMic


The world of content creation is highly competitive. Everyone is vying for views. If you want to be in the game proper, you need to take your production quality seriously.

While mobile phones get you most of the way there, they are still not peak tech. To put out the best content possible, you need to level up, and the Shure MoveMic wireless system was built specifically to help you do just that. 

Portable, versatile, durable and reliable, the Shure MoveMic is how you take your mobile audio to the next level. Complete with two clip-on MoveMic Wireless Lavalier Microphones, the Shure MoveMic system is the ultimate solution for capturing professional audio on mobile phones and other portable digital devices like DSLR cameras and computers.

Credit: Shure

With an eight hour battery life and two additional full charges in the case, the Shure MoveMic records up to 24 hours of high-fidelity two-channel audio, giving you the best of both worlds – quality and quantity. Easy to set up and even easier to operate, the Shure MoveMic dramatically raises the quality of your content without increasing the amount of work it takes to create it.

Seamless integration is the name of the game, and the Shure MoveMic comes loaded with features. For speed and convenience, it is immediately compatible with your phone’s native and third-party apps. To bam it up a notch, the free ShurePlus MOTIV apps allow you to elevate your audio and video settings with additional gain, limiter, EQ, compression and noise reduction.

Credit: Shure

Knowing that mobile content creators can find themselves in every kind of weather condition, the Shure team designed the MoveMic to an IPX4 rating – able to withstand rain, spills and splashes. Your content will never be at the mercy of the elements. The Shure MoveMic even comes with a protective carrying case to shield it from impact while you’re on the move. 

What’s in the box? As is always the case with Shure – everything you need.

  • 2 MoveMic Wireless Lavalier Microphones
  • 1 Charging Case
  • 1 MoveMic Receiver
  • 2 USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • 1 3.5mm-3.5mm Cable
  • 1 Roll Bag/Protective Carrying Case
  • 2-year warranty
  • Free ShurePlus MOTIV apps (download)

So there you have it. Another top notch product from the same Shure team behind the industry’s leading wireless microphone systems. Even if you are just starting out as a content creator, when you are rocking a Shure, you’re wielding the same product used by the biggest artists on the biggest stages in the world. And that’s how you lift your game – by choosing to be great.

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