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RS Recommends: Say Goodbye to Awful Video Call Audio with Shure MV5C

Be ready to hear every coworker’s terrible jokes because Shure is bringing their talents to the home office with their MV5C.

If there’s one thing everyone has despised more than the pandemic itself, it’s having to go to Zoom meetings. While it’s made working from home fairly convenient, it’s also been the source of a fair amount of frustration, primarily due to the fact that it’s already hard enough for our coworkers to hear us clearly, let alone pretending like there’s actually anything important being said, and that we’re not just getting on with other work in the background or texting friends about how bad the meeting is.

Well, say goodbye to the awful audio that many Zoom meetings bring, and be ready for the coworkers to hear every terrible joke dished out, and know that your team is sure of the tasks that are lined up for them, because Shure is bringing their talents to the home office with their MV5C, where it can conveniently be plugged into laptops via a USB.

While Shure has been a household name in the world of music for many years, with its inception dating back nearly a century, it’s primary line of work has been specifically with their studio microphones, linking artists like Led Zeppelin, Black Flag, Run-DMC, AC/DC, and more to their audiences either in the studio or on stage with crisp, clear audio.

Created by world-class experts in the fields of engineering and design, Shure moves their talents to the home office with the MV5C, where it’s optimised to deliver premium speech audio quality far past the built-in microphones any laptop offers. And, with it’s classic design staying true to the Shure name, it looks mighty sleek amongst the rest of the technological set-up on the desk.

Considering many home offices are already equipped with ring lights to make sure we’re looking our best for meetings, pyjama pants because we’re all about the comfort levels, and endless snacks for our bellies, it’s about time that our voices were treated the same respect, and the Shure MV5C is where it’s at.

Able to be utilised with or without headphones, the MV5C is all about making those pitches to the boss pitch-perfect, and ensuring that presentations don’t fail (at least in the audio department!). Available for use between either Mac or Windows, and compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more, this microphone is mighty.

Shure MV5C has been specifically designed to enhance the audio quality of voice, meaning there’s even a Speech Enhancement Mode which provides an automatic equalisation which “boosts vocal frequencies for clear, consistent speech,” while also being adjustable to ensure that the mic is close at hand, and ready to capture thoughts for the rest of the work team.

Additionally, the manoeuvrable microphone ensures voice isolation, helping to minimise room reverberation (and tune out those pesky house mates with their clattering about), meaning that the only audio being captured is the voice intended.

At the end of the day, Shure is determined to make working from home a bit easier with it becoming the norm over the past couple of years. As the pandemic is draining in itself, they don’t want to see our voices drowned out by poor audio quality, with us having to repeat ourselves over and over due to coworkers not being able to understand what we’re saying.

Finally, when the working day is through, the MV5C doesn’t stop it’s work, linking users to even more clean and clear audio when working on podcasts, streaming, or even voice over work. The possibilities are endless, and Shure makes it all possible with offering top-notch quality right from the comfort of home.

For a limited time only you can score 20% off a Shure MV5C via the link below using the code SHURE20, meaning there has never been a better time to upgrad