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The Strokes Go to Bat Against a Robot Baseball Team in ‘The Adults Are Talking’ Video

Band reunites with director Roman Coppola for clip for the New Abnormal track

The Strokes aim for a moral victory in an impossible game of baseball against superior robot opponents in the new video for “The Adults Are Talking.”

The clip finds the band reuniting with director Roman Coppola, who helmed several classic videos for the Strokes’ first album, Is This It, including “Last Nite,” “The Modern Age,” and “Someday.” The video for “The Adults Are Talking,” stages a tense baseball battle between the band and a team of robots, which appears to come down to a dramatic final moment: After an array of strikeouts, frontman Julian Casablancas finally gets on base after being hit by a pitch, then makes a mad dash for home after the next hit (Beck even makes a cameo as the enthusiastic base coach waving him around the diamond).

While Casablancas beats the throw to the plate and scores, a quick cut to the scoreboard reveals the tally is 56 to one in favor of the robots. Nevertheless, the Strokes treat their consolation run as a championship win and celebrate accordingly.

“The Adults Are Talking” appears on the Strokes’ most recent album, The New Abnormal, which they released in April. The band recently performed that track and “Bad Decisions” on Saturday Night Live.

From Rolling Stone US