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The Money War Announce Second Album, ‘Morning People’

The Money War have paired their new album’s announcement with the official release of new single, “Nothing’s Gonna Change”.

Press photo of The Money War

The Money War are set to release their new record, 'Morning People', this November.

Dan Beard*

Just days after treating their fans to the majesty of “Nothing’s Gonna Change”, Perth’s The Money War have announced the release of their second album, Morning People.

The product of husband-and-wife duo Dylan & Carmen Ollivierre, The Money War have been a staple of Aussie radio and live stages for some time, with tours alongside the likes of Meg Mac, Dope Lemon, Holy Holy and honorary local Neil Finn on their resumé.

Early in July, the pair returned with “Lifetime”, the first single since the release of their 2019 EP, Life is Better in Dreams, which followed on from their album Home just months earlier. This week, the group gave fans a sneak peek of new single, “Nothing’s Gonna Change”, which exudes a level of positivity, hope, and love that is needed more than ever in 2020.

“‘Nothing’s Gonna Change’ is a song of hope and assurance,” Dylan explained of the song. “A lot of people say our music is sunny and bright and I can see why they say that, but the songs usually emerge as some kind of catharsis or reaching for something hopeful in a hard time.

“This song is written to a partner or loved one assuring them of your unwavering love. I think the world needs some positivity right now more than ever.”

Now, The Money War have officially released their new track today, which comes alongside the announcement that their second record will arrive in November.

Titled Morning People, the record has a release date of November 20th, and sees the pair continuing their homegrown approach to their craft, self-producing the album and delivering something truly special.

“The album was recorded at our studio in Fremantle and produced by us,” Dylan explained in a statement. “We toyed with the idea of getting an outside producer for this album (something we’ve never done) but when we got further into writing we felt like we had a really strong vision that we needed to realise on our own.

“I feel like each song is trying something sonically new for us – they’re all little moments and emotions that we felt along the journey of having a baby.”

The Money War’s “Nothing’s Gonna Change” is out now through Ditto Music, while Morning People will be released on November 20th via Ditto Music, with pre-saves available now.