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Song You Need to Know: The Money War, ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change’

Sharing their second single of the year, The Money War describe “Nothing’s Gonna Change” as a track rooted in the all-too necessary theme of positivity.

Press photo of The Money War

The Money War have returned with their second single of the year, sharing "Nothing's Gonna Change".

Dan Beard*

Almost two months on from the release of their track “Lifetime”, Perth indie-pop duo The Money War are back with their latest effort, with “Nothing’s Gonna Change” set for release this week.

The product of husband-and-wife duo Dylan & Carmen Ollivierre, The Money War have been a staple of Aussie radio and live stages for some time, with tours alongside the likes of Meg Mac, Dope Lemon, Holy Holy and honorary local Neil Finn on their resumé.

Early in July, the pair returned with “Lifetime”, the first single since the release of their 2019 EP, Life is Better in Dreams, which followed on from their album Home just months earlier.

Described as the first single from their forthcoming album, details of the record are yet to arrive, though the band have now shared their follow-up single with “Nothing’s Gonna Change”.

A warm, four-minute slice of The Money War’s eclectic indie-pop compositions, the underlying message of “Nothing’s Gonna Change” is rooted in positivity, with Dylan explaining that the track was written as an assurance of love to a partner or loved one.

“‘Nothing’s Gonna Change’ is a song of hope and assurance,” Dylan explains. “A lot of people say our music is sunny and bright and I can see why they say that, but the songs usually emerge as some kind of catharsis or reaching for something hopeful in a hard time.

“This song is written to a partner or loved one assuring them of your unwavering love. I think the world needs some positivity right now more than ever.”

With details of their forthcoming presumably set to arrive in the near future, The Money War’s “Nothing’s Gonna Change” can be heard below ahead of its official release on Friday, August 28th.

The Money War’s “Nothing’s Gonna Change” is officially out on Friday, August 28th, with pre-saves available now.