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The Avalanches Tease New Singles via Cryptic Video Posts

It appears as though two new singles from The Avalanches might be on track to arrive this week, according to snippets on social media.

Image of The Avalanches

The Avalanches are gearing up to release their forthcoming third album by teasing the release of new music.

Grant Spanier*

The Avalanches appear to be fuelling excitement of their new album, with cryptic video posts indicating a new single (or pair of singles) is about to be released.

Though it’s currently been four months since The Avalanches released their latest single, “Running Red Lights”, the group’s social media account has been hinting toward the release of new music coming this week.

Uploaded over the last few days, the two videos are accompanied by audio which, when heard by a sound recognition device, identifies the tracks as “Wherever You Go” and “Reflecting Light”, which are both titles shared by the group’s Twitter account in the last week.

Both short clips are accompanied with the caption “22.07”, indicating that a double A-side of sorts may be released on Wednesday.

“Wherever You Go” is noted by Shazam as featuring the talents of Jamie xx, Neneh Cherry, and CLYPSO, while folks on Reddit have determined that “Reflecting Light” features the talents of Sananda Maitreya, fka Terence Trent D’Arby.

In addition to these new tracks, another video was uploaded this morning which featured stylised characters that appear to spell out the word “Cherry”, though no specific details have been revealed as yet.

Meanwhile, the group also revealed last week via social media they’re in the midst of working on a remix of an unnamed DMA’S song, while a new archival project from Perry Farrell has alluded to the release of an undated collaboration with the group titled “Oh The Sunn!”

The group returned earlier this year with the release of new singles “We Will Always Love You” and “Running Red Lights”, noting that the tracks would appear on their forthcoming record.

It currently remains to be seen when the group are looking at releasing their third album, though the band took to social media earlier this month to mark the fourth anniversary of their Wildflower record by revealing they had submitted their new album for the mastering process.