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Taylor Swift Drops ‘Midnight Rain’ Tracklist Reveal

Singer shares the song title to Track Six from ‘Midnights’, her highly anticipated 10th studio album

Taylor Swift Midnights

Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Taylor Swift has dropped another new song title from her highly anticipated Midnights album, which arrives on Oct. 21. In the lead-up, she has been mining the wee hours to share news from her 10th studio album that was “written in the middle of the night.” On Tuesday, she continued her “Midnights Mayhem With Me” TikTok series, where she revealed the fourth name of a song from the album: “Midnight Rain.”

In the clip, she revealed the song title in a similar fashion as she’s shared previous song titles: bingo-style, where the ball that falls out of the old-school cage as she turns it informs her of what the reveal will be. In Tuesday’s reveal, the ball that fell was Track Six.

Swift began taking fans through the late-night journey of tracklist reveals last week, and she has since previously shared three names of the 13 songs on the album: “Question…?,” “Vigilante Shit,” and “Mastermind.”

Beyond the song titles, Swift has recently revealed other information about Midnights. Swift shared that the artwork on the four distinctly colored vinyl pressings of Midnights combine to assemble a clock and teased the return of her close collaborator Jack Antonoff in a video captioned “The making of Midnights.”

Midnights will also be released in four different styles, including a jade green version, a blood moon version, a mahogany version available via her official online store, and an exclusive lavender version available exclusively at Target.

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