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Swamp Dogg Teases Cheeky New Album ‘I Need a Job…So I Can Buy More Autotune’

The 79-year-old soul iconoclast sounds reinvigorated on his latest collection of lovemaking ballads

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Four years after his late-career comeback Love, Loss, and Auto-Tune, Swamp Dogg is returning next month with a brand-new collection of vocally-manipulated originals: I Need A Job…So I Can Buy More Autotune will be released Feb. 25, on Don Giovanni Records.

Swamp Dogg has remained as busy as ever in the years since his Justin Vernon-assisted Love, Loss and Auto-Tune, releasing 2020’s Sorry You Couldn’t Make It, a superb collection of country-leaning tunes that featured John Prine.

“I just didn’t want it to sound like Swamp Dogg,” the singer told Rolling Stone. “I wanted to shock the shit out of them.”

The 79-year-old iconoclast singer, songwriter, and producer enlists a new host of guests and collaborators on his latest record, including blues and R&B greats Willie Clayton (who sings on the cheery soul ballad “Cheating In the Daylight”), and Guitar Shorty, who plays guitar on the album’s lead single “Soul to Blessed Soul.”

On “Soul to Blessed Soul,” Swamp Dogg (real name: Jerry Williams), thrills in his comfort zone of lovemaking soul balladry, his vocals as pristine as ever as the singer pushes 80 years old. “You make me seem rich when I don’t have a dime,” he sings. “You make sure what I do for ya makes me shine.”

From Rolling Stone US