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Song You Need to Know: Skegss, ‘Under the Thunder’

On their first single of 2020, Skegss have cemented themselves as one of the most intoxicating acts to come out of Australia in years.

David Herington*

It’s been a little while between drinks for fans of Skegss, but their loyal followers have finally had their appetites satiated with the release of the group’s first single of 2020, “Under the Thunder”.

Serving as a follow-up to 2019’s “Save it For the Weekend”, the new single cements the Northern NSW trio as not only one of the most unpretentious bands to come out of Australia, but one of the most intoxicating

With “Under the Thunder”, Skegss have entered a new era of self-realisation. Stuttering riffs, squirming guitars and jangly tambourine moments; the track may start with the line “I got many things to learn”, but making notable music isn’t one of them.

Produced by Catherine Marks at The Grove Studios in NSW, the single sees Skegss complementing their trademark vocals and guitar lines with an immersive ’70s throwback rhythm.

“This song is about enjoying the rollercoaster of life, no one can live forever so you may as well enjoy the seasons,” explains vocalist and guitarist Ben Reed.

“There’s not always going to be a solution to some situations that you’re in so you have to take the good with the bad and ride it out and just enjoy a beer when you can and not think about any of the bad things in your life, nature will always have its way at the end of the day.”

Working once again with director Kai Neville, the clip for “Under the Thunder” sees the trio breaking out of quarantine to take a day-trip around their property in bassist Toby Cregan’s classic yellow Commodore.

Though it’s getting close to two years since the release of their debut album, My Own Mess, there’s no official word yet as to when Skegss will be releasing album number two.

However, with a signing to US label Loma Vista Recordings (Denzel Curry, St. Vincent, Marilyn Manson) last year, it’s clear that they’re on track to enter a whole new chapter of their already-storied career.

Skegss’ “Under the Thunder” is out now via Loma Vista Recordings / Caroline Australia.