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Skegss’ Toby Cregan Opens up For First Episode of ‘The Brag Podcast’

Kicking off its debut episode this week, ‘The Brag Podcast’ sees Skegss bassist Toby Cregan giving an intriguing insight into the beloved garage rock band.



This week has seen the launch of The Brag Podcast, with its debut episode featuring none other than Skegss bassist Toby Cregan.

Having spent much of the last decade making a name for themselves as one of the most beloved rock bands on the scene, Byron Bay’s Skegss have undoubtedly had quite a career. With their debut album – My Own Mess – charting at #2 (above Paul McCartney, no less) on the ARIA charts in 2018, the trio have been a constant staple of the triple j airwaves and live stages around the country.

With Skegss serving as a highly-respected band that boast a voracious fanbase, it makes sense that bassist Toby Cregan would help to kick off the debut episode of The Brag Podcast.

Going live earlier this week, the hour-long episode sees Cregan chatting with The Brag Media CEO Luke Girgis as the pair discuss some of the band’s highlights, how they pick support acts, what the group might look like in 25 years time, and how the initially started as a four-piece.

“He’s a pro surfer,” Cregan explains, referring to original member Noa Deane. “He had a contract, and he had to do what it said on that, so he kind of had to leave the band to keep up with his obligations.

“We were trying to just play as many gigs as we could, really. We were doing tours every couple of months, just driving up and down the east coast. I don’t think the company he rode for was super stoked on us just going on tour and partying non-stop.”

In related news, Skegss released their latest song “Save it For The Weekend” last year, and recently saw their 2019 Laneway Festival performance released on Spotify as part of triple j’s Live at the Wireless series.

Check out the full first episode of The Brag Podcast below, and head along to Anchor.fm to subscribe and keep up with future episodes.