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Song You Need to Know: Hein Cooper, ‘Only’

“It’s about making a vow to stay with someone no matter what happens and making sacrifices to do so,” Hein Cooper says of his latest single.

Jess Gleeson*

As Hein Cooper gets closer to the release of his forthcoming album, True to You, the acclaimed indie- pop singer-songwriter has offered up his last song of the year by way of the affecting “Only”.

The latest single from Cooper in a year which has seen stellar tracks such as “Glory” and “All for Nothing”, “Only” is soaring ode to to true love, with lyrics that make it clear that “If I can’t take you to where I’m going, then it’s just not worth it any more.”

The clip also comes paired with an intimate video, directed by Cooper’s partner Ebony, which shares a collection of clips that document their relationship.

“I can remember this one coming out as a very folky intimate vibe, and then we got into the studio, and it turned into something quite upbeat and rocky,” Cooper recalls. “It’s about making a vow to stay with someone no matter what happens and making sacrifices to do so.

“Life is intense, and things change and get hard, and counting on someone through all of that is priceless and something significant to me.”

“Only” is set to appear on Cooper’s True to You when it arrives in late January. Produced by Jarryd Shuker in Montreal, which is also where Cooper met his wife, True to You serves as a double meaning, with one side being his ability to share every aspect of his being with another person, with the other meaning he’s able to be more faithful to himself by living with greater purpose and intention.

“All of a sudden, I found myself in a position where I was like, ‘Oh, I can’t be weak anymore. Because now I’m living so close to someone who I love,” he explains. “I can’t just ignore all of my flaws to keep up this idea in my mind of what I have to be.

“I think it’s crazy that life puts you in those positions where it gives you the things that you love. And then, all of a sudden, to flourish, you have to change. And this record is all about embodying that change.”

“So many songs out there these days are saying the same thing: ‘I will never trust you/all I need is myself, money and distraction,'” he adds. “I feel proud to be singing the opposite. I think that when people work on being good to each other, life becomes a beautiful dream.”

Hein Cooper’s “Only” is out now, while True to You will be released on January 28th, with pre-saves available now.