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Song You Need to Know: Hein Cooper, ‘Glory’

It’s only been a month since Hein Cooper shared his Turbulent Heart EP, but “Glory” shows that you can’t keep a good artist down.

Image of Hein Cooper


It’s hardly been a month since the release of his Turbulent Heart EP, but it seems that you can’t keep Hein Cooper from releasing new music, with new singe “Glory” arriving today.

Sharing his latest EP in the middle of August, it seems as though 2021 has been a rather prolific one for Cooper, who not only released the likes “Pretend” and “Higher” in the lead-up to its arrival, but also offered up a mesmerising rendition of the former for Rolling Stone’s ‘In My Room’ series back in May.

Now, he’s back with even more new material, sharing the exuberant “Glory” today. While his recent body of work showcased an undeniable air of positivity, “Glory” feels as though it’s kicked up a notch, with distorted guitars and pounding rhythms turning it into a pop-rock classic immediately.

“Feels like I keep on falling, as I fight for the glory,” Cooper sings in the track, showing that the track’s inspiration comes from a lifetime of reaching for the stars. As he explains though, “Glory” isn’t about trying or failing to achieve your goals, but ensuring you do the best job you can to get there.

:This song is a release of that mix of elation and frustration along the way,” he explains. “Some days I feel truly disappointed with myself and others I feel thrilled and overtime I’ve worked out that it’s not so much about the results of my work as it is about whether I personally feel like I did the best I could.

“I think this is the main message, that it doesn’t matter what others praise or judge you for but rather how you feel about your own effort.”

While it remains to be seen whether “Glory” is destined to be a standalone single or if it will serve as the first taste of a new body of work, it’s clear that whether he feels it or not, this latest track is Hein Cooper at his best and brightest.

Hein Cooper’s “Glory” is out today.