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Song You Need to Know: Finn Askew, ‘Adidas’

The latest single from the genre-defying 20-year-old, “Adidas” sees Finn Askew proving that there’s nothing he can’t do.


UK artist Finn Askew has more than proved his worth as one of the most young names on the scene, with new single “Adidas” taking his project to the next level.

Having first showcased his musical efforts early in 2020, 20-year-old Askew found himself in the rather unique position in which his nascent profile continued to rise, all without the chance of playing a single in-person live show. However, tracks like “Roses” and “Same Old Love” have managed to see him become one to watch in no time, with more than 30 million streams to his name.

Releasing debut EP Peach back in January, it appears that you can’t keep a good thing down, with Askew already looking ahead to his next release, sharing new single “Adidas” as the latest taste of his forthcoming EP. Showcasing a different side to the young artist, “Adidas” is a slick undertaking of smart pop-rock, with powerful guitar riffs and a hook-heavy chorus highlighting his musical versatility.

“I wanted to make a song where after the first listen the listener would be able to sing back the chorus word for word, I feel like I accomplished that with ‘Adidas’!” Askew explains. “It’s a proper earworm.

“It’s also the first song I’ve released with my producer congee! He’s one of my favourite people to work with & this is the first of many bangers we have in the locker! I’m super excited about this song, I wrote it nearly 3 years ago so it’s about time the world heard it!”

Actively rejecting any form of genre categorisation, tracks like “Adidas” perfectly represent the chameleon-like nature of Askew, with each and every track leaning on his vast expanse of influences. While it remains to be seen just how his forthcoming EP might sound, it’s clear that it’s on track to be a veritable explosion of genres and styles – and you know it’s going to sound amazing.

Finn Askew’s “Adidas” is out now via Polydor Records.