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‘In My Room’ with Finn Askew

Somerset singer-songwriter Finn Askew has joined us for the latest instalment of Rolling Stone’s ‘In My Room’, a series in which artists perform from home following a year that has seen live shows become a rarity.

Genre does not exist for this 19-year-old bedroom pop prodigy. Askew switches gears between R&B, jazz, rap, emo and indie-rock like it’s light work.

Performing from his neon-drenched bedroom-slash-studio, Askew delivers a stark, swaggering version of his latest single, ‘Cherry Bomb.’ Askew’s vocals are dynamic and oblique ebbing between full-bodied pleading and breathless flows.

“‘Cherry Bomb’ is such a mazza! When I first heard the piano riff I fell in love & knew that it was special! shoutout earl, max & rob for making the tune what it is! wanted to come back from the first project with something different before really showing off my sound which is yet to come,” Finn shares of the track.

It’s been a hell of a year for Finn Askew. 2020 saw the young prodigy release a slew of cracking singles like ‘Same Old Love,’ ‘Peach’ and his breakthrough, ‘Roses.’ In January, he unveiled his debut EP, the impressive and singular Peach.

“I wanted to create something that showed how creative I really am,” Finn shares of the EP. I’m a kid from a small countryside town where there is no music scene at all but I’ve had so many musical influences, which has created my mad diverse music taste.”

You can listen to Peaches below.