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Song You Need to Know: Csöke, ‘I Think I’m Falling’

A dazzling pop anthem, Csöke addresses the idea of being open to new experiences and creative influences on her first single of 2021.

Image of Csöke

Stephanie Jewell*

Sydney’s Csöke (pronounced “shock”) has been on the scene for a couple of years now, but as the acclaimed artist returns following a year which saw the release of her stunning F.W.M. EP, she’s returned with another smooth pop anthem, sharing “I Think I’m Falling” ahead of its release today.

Having released her debut single on Valentine’s Day in 2019, it didn’t take long for Csöke to craft a fervent following, with fans flocking to her tracks due to her blissful instrumentation, and seemingly sweet lyrics which hid scathing undertones. It’s easy to see that her work is clever, powerful, and truly works as an exercise in both catharsis and unity.

Now, Csöke has unveiled her latest effort, with “I Think I’m Falling” arriving this week as an ode to vulnerability, and the idea of being open to new experiences and creative influences.

“I found it hard to let people in, even myself. I was scared to let someone love me, be vulnerable and allow myself the possibility of having my heart broken,” explained Csöke. “I had myself for so long, I got used to having my guard up and only relying on myself. The idea of relying on someone else freaked me out.”

Backed by an all-female team (including Chelsea Warner on production and Tahlia-Rose Coleman on mastering in addition to her video, management, and publicity team), the new single sees Csöke not only exploring new lyrical ground, but opening herself up to greater opportunities down the line thanks to a newfound sense of confidence that will undoubtedly translate to grander successes as time goes on.

“I wrote this track with Chelsea Warner,” adds Csöke. “Her presence made me feel super calm to talk a bit about how I was feeling and I was scared I had lost the ability to write songs.

“We decided to write a song about the total opposite thing I was feeling at the time and write about that first realisation of falling in love, that first hit of emotion you feel, the ‘Oh shit’ and the struggle I felt in my own experience of falling in love and pushing down my walls and allowing myself to feel things,” she adds.

“It was a silver lining of what was going on in my life, when life felt like it was falling apart I was also falling in love for what felt like the first time.”

With a dazzling array of pop influences on display, and a powerful, charismatic performance style behind her, it’s clear that “I Think I’m Falling” is the first step toward another dazzling run of career highlights for the immersive Csöke.

Csöke’s “I Think I’m Falling” is officially released on November 18th.