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Song You Need to Know: Chelsea Warner, ‘It Be Like That’

The latest taste of her forthcoming debut EP, “It Be Like That” sees Chelsea Warner explores the idea of losing a sense of autonomy over your life.


With just over a week to go until the release of her debut EP, rising Sydney artist Chelsea Warner has unveiled one of the year’s most immersive singles by way of “It Be Like That”.

Having previously turned heads thanks to singles such as “Drama” and “Not in The Mood”, 20-year-old Warner shows just how versatile her musical talents are on her newest track, with “It Be Like That” feeling like an anthemic call-to-arms regarding a desire to regain control over one’s life.

“‘It Be Like That’ explores losing a sense of autonomy over your life and wondering whether your decisions impact your future, or if fate has the reins,” Warner explains. “Ultimately, I try to accept that I might not have as much control over my life as I’d like.

“Over a slick & jazzy self-produced beat I explore the idea of trying to trust your journey, but really having to convince yourself.”

The third taster of her forthcoming EP, Drama, “It Be Like That” sees Warner handling production by herself, with Matt ‘Xiro’ Fioravanti (Kymie, Tasman Keith, Kwame) on mastering duties. The track also comes paired with a warm and nostalgic video, filmed in lockdown by director Hebah Ali, and utilising the talents of editor Sandra Giarta and her own family to help bring the visuals to life.

“The video represents a desperate clinging to predictability and control over your life,” Warner continues. “This song embodies the feeling of being trapped in your hometown and wondering what else lies ahead of you in a seemingly unpredictable future.

“It was filmed in my family home, so some of my favourite details are things that I just found around the house, like the 3 red candles, teddy bears, cool old books, weird glasses, cups, bowls, flowers from my Mum’s garden and my actual high school graduation sash.”

“It Be Like That” will appear on Warner’s debut EP, Drama when it arrives next week – a career highlight that Warner explains encapsulates the titular drama that one experiences as they overcome the obstacles in becoming their own person.

“My debut EP is an alternative R&B record that details my coming of age and self-actualisation,” Warner explains. “‘Drama’ is the drama of living. The drama of growing up. The theatricality of the world. The way it feels like a stage, or that you’re always waiting to be seen. Either chasing or shrivelling up under the spotlight.

“The competitive, anxiety-inducing headrush of constantly unpacking the world and your place in it. The invisible audience that shadows you throughout adolescence, informing every moment and every decision. The main character energy in the narrative of coming of age.”

Chelsea Warner’s “It Be Like That” is out now, while debut EP Drama is released on Friday, November 5th.