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Song You Need to Know: Cosmo’s Midnight, ‘Yesteryear’

“Although it seems a lot of thought went into it, ‘Yesteryear’ came about really quickly and naturally,” Cosmo’s Midnight explained of their new single.

Ash Lim*

Cosmo’s Midnight have continued to ensure 2020 is on track to be one of their best years yet, releasing their latest single, the majestic “Yesteryear” recently.

Having unleashed their critically-acclaimed debut album, What Comes Next, back in 2018, Cosmo’s Midnight haven’t spent the time since sitting on their hands. Instead, they’ve toured relentlessly all while making new music. In fact, three singles appeared in 2019 (including the gold-certified single “C.U.D.I (Can U Dig It)”) before 2020 brought with it the Ruel-featuring “Down For You”.

Now, the prolific Sydney duo have released their latest track, with “Yesteryear” boasting a music video that comes directly out of isolation.

A nostalgic, yet funky composition, the track is as blissful ever, showcasing the inimitable skills that Cosmo’s Midnight possess as Patrick Liney steals the show with his first vocal appearance since 2018.

“‘Yesteryear’ is a song reflecting back on the years past, the unchanging feelings of youth, growing up and contemplating the future,” the duo explain. “We tried to blend these feelings into the production by drawing inspiration from older pop records as well some more progressive records.

“Although it seems a lot of thought went into it, ‘Yesteryear’ came about really quickly and naturally.”

Originally set to feature a somewhat different music video, a cancelled shoot and the creativity of their close friends saw Cosmo’s Midnight recruit director Jordan Kirk to create an enigmatic product of the current era.

Designed out of a Zoom brainstorm, the behind-the-scenes process is caught on film, with webcam shots, animated sequences, and DIY mischief turning the clip into one of the most unique creations to come of the current isolation period.

While there’s no word as to whether “Yesteryear” will appear on a new album from Cosmo’s Midnight, the track and its video preface the upcoming release of new music and further exciting announcements.