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Shatter Brain and Requiem Join Forces for Blistering Split LP

Set for release this week, the new record brings together two of the fastest-rising names in the Australian metal scene.


Two of the fastest-rising names in the Australian metal scene have teamed up for a monstrous split LP, with Adelaide’s Shatter Brain and Melbourne’s Requiem set to release their latest effort this week.

First detailed back in June, the eponymous split album will see both names sharing three songs each on the limited edition 12″ LP, released through Melbourne’s Disdain Records.

The first half of the album sees Shatter Brain contributing “Root Of All Evil”, “Internal Witness”, and “Bury The Remaining God”, with their efforts having been recorded by Andy Kite at Against the Grain Studios, with Mike Deslandes and Dav Byrne taking on mixing and mastering duties, respectively.

Shatter Brain’s half of the record comes following a few months which saw the group go viral somewhat after sharing a cover of Motörhead’s “Iron First” – their first release since last year’s ferocious Pitchfork Justice.

Meanwhile, the latter half of the album consists of Requiem offering up blistering blackened thrash/death metal cuts such as “Cruelty Of Time”, “Funeral March”, and “Reap What We Have Sown”, with their efforts having been recorded and mixed by Jack Hartley of Ghostnote Recording Studios, and featuring mastering by Dav Byrne yet again.

Hailing from the regional town of Ararat, Requiem have been hard at work in recent months, having memorably performed a powerful set at The Tote as part of a release show for the recent Nephalem/Protospasm split cassette in May.

The new split album is officially released on July 30th via “Australia’s fastest growing underground label”, Disdain Records, who have been hard at work in recent months with releases from the likes of Anty!, Money Boys, and the aforementioned tape from Nephalem and Protospasm. With artwork from Steve Lehmann adorning the sleeve, pre-order copies of the album are limited to 100 copies on gold vinyl, with orders available now via Disdain Records’ website.

The Shatter Brain/Requiem split LP is officially released on Friday, July 30th through Disdain Records, with a special preview of the record available below.

Shatter Brain/Requiem split LP tracklist:

Side Shatter Brain
1. “Root Of All Evil”
2. “Internal Witness”
3. “Bury The Remaining God”

Side Requiem
1. “Cruelty Of Time”
2. “Funeral March”
3. “Reap What We Have Sown”