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Oscar the Wild’s Big Few Months: BIGSOUND, Bloc Party & a Debut EP

The Adelaide band were hailed as one of the highlights of BIGSOUND by Rolling Stone writer Brittany Spanos

Oscar the Wild


When one of the most prominent US music journalists gives you a shout out, you know you’re doing something right.

That’s what happened to up-and-coming indie rock band Oscar the Wild at BIGSOUND, when they were hailed by Rolling Stone senior writer Brittany Spanos as one of the industry event’s highlights.

The Adelaide outfit followed their BIGSOUND appearance up with the launch of their debut EP, the very Aussie-named She’ll Be Right.


Produced by Rhys Williams, the quartet’s blazing debut collection takes listeners on a nostalgic journey through ’90s grunge and rock, complete with layered vocal harmonies and infectious hooks.

Lyrically, it’s a deep dive into the classic notion of “light at the end of the tunnel”, while themes of resilience, optimism, existential dread, and the rollercoaster of mental health struggles course through the EP’s five tracks.

Featuring previously released gems like the self-discovery anthem “Pinch Me Please”, the mantra-inspired “Unafraid”, and the jubilant title track, the EP also includes the powerful closing track “Multicolour”.

“We originally intended to write something totally different. The songs that made the cut (unknowing to me at the time) map a mental breakdown that lasted a couple years; from hectic start to happy ending,” explained lead singer Ruby Gazzola.

“‘She’ll Be Right’ is designed to validate anyone who has gone through a similar experience, but also loves to dance. You gotta cry, you gotta headbang. And know that at the very end of it all, she’ll be right.”

When Bloc Party came to Australia this month, they got Oscar the Wild to be their special guests at their Adelaide show, a huge hometown moment for the burgeoning band. And the stellar support slots aren’t slowing down: their last show of 2023 will be backing up Grinspoon in December, again in Adelaide.

Oscar the Wild also today announced their first-ever national tour, which will take them to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and, of course, Adelaide in January and February (see full dates below).

Oscar the Wild’s She’ll Be Right EP is out now. 

Oscar the Wild 2024 She’ll Be Right EP Tour

January 12th
Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide, SA

January 13th
Vic on the Park, Sydney, NSW

February 10th
Mountain Goat Valley Crawl, Brisbane, QLD

February 16th
Bergy Bandroom, Melbourne, VIC