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BIGSOUND: The Class of ’23 Pick Their Favourite Artists (Part 4)

Rolling Stone asked some of the Class of ’23 to name the other BIGSOUND artists they’re eager to see this week

Moss and The Slingers BIGSOUND

L-R: Moss, The Slingers

For the most powerful heads within the music industry in the Southern Hemisphere, the 21st edition of BIGSOUND is an unmissable date on the calendar. For artists, it’s an amazing opportunity for networking, performing, and potential breakthrough (just ask Tash Sultana and Flume). Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley will be lit up by some of Australia and New Zealand’s most promising acts, with a plethora of industry critics, fans, needle movers, and label representatives crowded its streets in search of the next big talent.

Rolling Stone AU/NZ got to know some of the Class of ’23 better by finding out the BIGSOUND artists they’re eager to see, which you can check out below (read part one, part two, and part three of the BIGSOUND series).


Whether you know it or not, it’s likely you’re familiar with Wadawurrung artist Moss. His debut single, “Lullaby”, was streamed over 200,000 times within a month when it originally released back in 2017. He’s the proud owner of the theme song for the NRL’s Indigenous Round this year, and has already released two singles this year: “Solid Rock” alongside Goanna, Tasman Keith, and William Barton, and “New Age Dreaming” with The Boys Of Many Colours.

After winning the triple j Unearthed Supergroup DIY competition, Moss humbly cleared all the samples and enlisted the best rapper in the country, Genesis Owusu on “SABRE TEETH”. Already drawing attention from some of the biggest names on the globe, industry folk don’t want to miss Moss at BIGSOUND and SXSW Sydney in the coming months.

Below, Moss names the other BIGSOUND artists he’s currently enjoying.
Dean Brady

Suuuuper excited to see this man step up and kill it – his record Falling had me hooked and I can’t wait to hear more live.


I got to see sister crushhh it at a Spotify event and have been a fan ever since. Repping it for Tassie mob, can confirm she’s got BARS.


These guys came onto my radar a little while back and have been dying to go to a gig of theirs. They use a sliding didjeridu called a ‘didjeribone’ which I’ve been using for some recordings recently too and keen to hear theirs in action.

Mr Rhodes

Have had the pleasure of a few yarns with this man and am yet to see him live. Absolutely down to earth, humble and makes insanely good records so he is a must on my list!

Recently his jam “DOOFENSHMIRTZ” came up in shuffle on a playlist recently and I instantly was alllll about it. When I saw he was playing BIGSOUND, I knew I couldn’t miss it – I’ve got a strong feeling it’s about to be wiiiild.

If you’re familiar with the live music scene in Naarm, it’s likely you’ve watched, heard of, or seen The Slingers name on a flyer somewhere. Signed to Flightless Records, they’ve got a unique approach to their creative process. Inspired by the natural beauty of the Australian outback and beaches, it’s what helps fuel the storytelling within their lyrics.

Consisting of five members, the band amassed a large local following since their formation back in 2017, and their debut album, Sentimentalism, arrived alongside a tour throughout Victoria and New South Wales this year.

The Slingers call their unique style ‘Motel Pop’, consisting of elements of both comedy and tragedy. They’re already a force on the local Melbourne scene, so keep an eye out for them as they look to expand around Australia.

Below, The Slingers praise some other BIGSOUND artists.

Full Flower Moon Band

Caught FFMB at The Curtin last year and was lucky to share the stage at boogie and we were totally blown away – incredible studio releases, brilliant writing, and a band full of amazing live players, can’t wait to catch them again.

Bec Stevens

Have been fans of Bec for a while but haven’t had the privilege of catching them live – very keen to see some of our favourite road tripping tracks come to life.


Have been lucky enough to catch our friends Delivery multiple times over the years and they just keep getting better. We were all huge fans of Forever Giving Handshakes and are keen to see what’s around the corner for our Delivery mates!