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Goanna, Moss, Tasman Keith & William Barton Powerfully Reimagine “Solid Rock”

Some 40 years after its release, First Nations artist Moss has teamed up with Goanna, Tasman Keith, and William Barton for a contemporary reimagining of the rock band’s iconic song


In 1982, Goanna released the groundbreaking “Solid Rock”, a song that forthrightly took Indigenous rights to the Australian masses.

Integrating a popular folk-rock sound with an important issue like land rights, “Solid Rock” found commercial favour, even cracking the prestigious US Billboard 200, a rare thing for an Australian artist to do at the time.

Some 40 years later, First Nations artist Moss has teamed up with the rock band, acclaimed rapper Tasman Keith, and multi-instrumentalist William Barton for a contemporary reimagining of the iconic song.

It’s still, sadly, required: the call to action of “Solid Rock” remains as relevant in 2023 as it did in 1982.

The modern remix opens with the unmistakeable sound of Barton’s didjeridu, before a propelling guitar riff drives the song forward. “My life won’t be my life if these policies remain,” Keith raps over dynamic beats, his voice full of fire.

There’s a dark beauty to the new “Solid Rock”, the song drawing its power from the unceasing spirit of First Nations artists in the face of oppression throughout the decades. “There’s a strength in the energy on this record, with generations coming together to amplify the same message,” as Moss explains.

“It’s such an honour and a full-circle moment to be trusted by Goanna to reimagine “Solid Rock” and inspire next generations to push the boundaries of what is possible with the power of our stories, thinking and perspectives. This take is a reflection of where we stand in 2023 – it’s a reminder of our past, a call to action and a call out for our future.”

To celebrate the release of the reimagined “Solid Rock”, Rolling Stone Australia got Moss, Keith, Barton, and Goanna’s Shane Howard to sit down for an in-depth discussion about the song, what it means to them, and much more.

“Solid Rock” feat. William Barton’ by Goanna x Moss x Tasman Keith is out now via October Records.