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Song You Need to Know: Tasman Keith, ‘LOVE TOO SOON’

“LOVE TOO SOON” serves as a sensational taster of A Colour Undone, the forthcoming debut album from Tasman Keith.

Jordan Munns*

Tasman Keith has announced the release of his debut album, sharing the news alongside the release of his latest single, the immersive “LOVE TOO SOON”.

Arriving earlier this week, “LOVE TOO SOON” sees Tasman employing something of a sonic shift, swapping out his slick bars for soulful vocals as he relates a tale of the heartbreak associated with the reality of meeting the right person at the wrong time. As such, it’s the arrival of Tasman as a true artist as he transitions from rising star to future icon.

“Sonically ‘LOVE TOO SOON’ is the kind of music I’ve always wanted to make, a lot of elements taken from the pop artists I grew up on and in the writing you can hear that influence,” he explains. “It’s knowing that you love somebody but being too young in your own growth to see it for what it truly is, ultimately leaving the other damaged and eventually coming back with the clarity and self-worth to try again while hoping it isn’t too late.”

The track also comes accompanied by a music video featuring Hëna Memishi, and directed and choreographed by Claudia Sangiorgi Dallimore. Its scenic nature, one-shot performance, and intimate cinematography helps to add context to the track, and again elevates Tasman into the next level as an artist.

“Tas and I working together has been on the cards for many years now,” explains Claudia. “I think he was just waiting for the perfect moment to bring me in, and I’m glad he did.

“In the days leading up to the shoot, all I kept saying to him was I need you to dance and smile like your life depended on it,” adds Claudia. “I’m proud of Tas for letting himself be open to a softer side, to show people his love of dance, his smile, his romantic spirit. It’s so heartwarming for me to watch his and Hëna’s performance chemistry come alive on screen.”

“LOVE TOO SOON” is set to appear on Tasman Keith’s debut album, A Colour Undone, which is on track to arrive on July 7th.

As such, it exists to see Tasman flex his artistic and creative muscles, with the format of a full album allowing him to experiment more, increase his emotional nuance, and again continue to grow as an artist. As he explains, much of what is to be expected from the record can be seen via the taster that is “LOVE TOO SOON”.

“‘LOVE TOO SOON’ introduces the other character that is portrayed throughout the album,” explains Tasman. “This persona represents a side of me that could be searching for love or reminiscing on lust with an overall deep desire for connection.

“Throughout the album, it’s shown that this character has always felt like he must present himself in ways that complement his vulnerability and willingness to be so open, even when it leaves him at risk of being hurt.”

Tasman Keith’s “LOVE TOO SOON” is out now, while debut album, A Colour Undone, will be released on July 7th via AWAL, with pre-orders available now.