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Children Collide Return With New Single, ‘Funeral For A Ghost’

The second single from Children Collide since their 2019 reunion, the group will air an “exclusive album preview” this weekend.

Zac Bayly*

Aussie indie-rock icons Children Collide have returned with the latest track from their new era of activity, sharing the slick “Funeral For A Ghost” overnight.

Releasing their most recent studio album back in 2012, a few years of inactivity and reunion shows preceded the announcement that Children Collide were back in the saddle late last year. Releasing the new single “Aurora”, the group revealed they were working on a new record, before also performing a handful of shows in Melbourne and Sydney.

These shows included a number of stellar new tracks, including the aforementioned “Aurora”, the classic-era “Uh Oh”, and their newly-released single, “Funeral For A Ghost”.

Premiering on Life Without Andy last night, the new single was recorded by Loren Humphrey at Diamond Mine & Stockholm Syndrome in New York City, and features the iconic Children Collide sound that fans have been missing for so many years.

“I wrote it on an old Roland loop pedal when I was living in a dungeon in North Melbourne an eon ago,” frontman and guitarist Johnny Mackay says of the track. “I had to open a trap door to get down to my room and you could see where a tunnel had been bricked up on my bedroom wall.

“I was listening to a lot of Sonic Youth at the time, constantly rotating between Murray St and Confusion is Sex. Listening to it now, the lyrics sound like I wrote them last week about COVID conspiracy nuts. Time is a flat circle.”

The single arrives alongside a video directed by Mackay under his Lord Fascinator moniker, and filmed by Nico White and Dave Meagher. Featuring performance footage and nostalgia-inducing graphics, the clip showcases the solid onstage chemistry between Mackay, drummer Ryan Caesar and live bassist Chelsea Wheatley, who performs as Chela.

While there is currently no word as to when Children Collide will release their upcoming fourth album, the trio are set to hold an exclusive album preview on Facebook Premiere and Instagram TV on Sunday, September 6th at 3:00pm AEST.

Meanwhile the group are on track to return to the stage once again in early 2021, with an appearance on the Yours & Owls festival being announced in mid-July.

Children Collide’s “Funeral For A Ghost” is out now.