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Camp Cope Announce New Album, ‘Running with The Hurricane’

Having given fans a taste of their third album with “Blue” last year, Camp Cope have now released their new record’s title track.

Nick Mckk*

Just two months after the release of their latest single, “Blue”, Camp Cope have detailed their forthcoming third album, sharing its tenacious title track today.

Named for the Redgum song of the same name (written by guitarist and vocalist Georgia Maq’s late father), “Running with The Hurricane” is representative of the times we find ourself living in, and the difficulties faced by Camp Cope in recent years, with Maq’s vocals assuring us that “the only way out is up“. Like the album which shares its name, the track focuses on themes of finding a light at the end of the tunnel, as Maq sings, “I push through the pain, running with the hurricane“.

“Running with The Hurricane” is set to appear on the album of the same name when it arrives on March 25th. Released four years on from their last record, the new full-length showcases extensive growth for the trio, who have emerged from this period of stasis older, wider, and more at peace with the world.

Bolstered by greater confidence, and touching on themes of faltered romances, secret crushes, and vibrating with the confidence that makes you feel like you’re on fire, Running with The Hurricane is Camp Cope at their very best, having gone head-first into the titular hurricane, and emerging as stronger musicians and people.

“The first record was us diving into whatever Camp Cope created, the second album was us when we were in the thick of it, and then this album is about how we’ve come out the other side,” Maq explains. “And we’ve come out stronger, more loving, more peaceful and better friends.”

Camp Cope’s “Running with The Hurricane” is out now, while new album, Running with The Hurricane will be released on March 25th via Poison City Records, with pre-orders available now.