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Song You Need to Know: Camp Cope, ‘Blue’

The first taste of their as-yet-unannounced third album, “Blue” features a bit of a sonic shift for Camp Cope, but one that makes complete sense.

Michelle Grace Hunder*

It’s been three-and-a-half years between drinks for Camp Cope, but as they Melbourne trio look towards the release of their long-awaited third album, they’ve given fans a taste of what to expect by way of new single “Blue”.

Described as being “softer, a bit more relaxed and much more refined”, “Blue” will undoubtedly come as a little bit of a surprise for diehard fans of the group, with its almost ’90s-esque composition feeling like something of a sonic shift, yet still maintaining their trademark intensity.

With lyrics that ruminate on what it’s like to love through depression, and persevering while the world outside has other plans, “Blue” feels like the sort of anthemic track we’ve needed throughout recent years. It’s a track that, while understanding that fighting external forces is often a fool’s errand, searches for peace amidst the chaos, and yearns for an air of acceptance.

The first taste of the group’s yet-to-be-announced third album, “Blue” seems to confirm word that the new record is set to be their “most triumphant” yet. Entering the studio during the global pandemic that has permeated the last two years, Camp Cope found themselves in something of a unique position. Left without deadlines or global touring schedules, this new environment left them able to simply take their time as they worked on new music.

Like many of us, “Blue” serves as something of an indicator of the change that occurred through these past few years, with new contexts of living giving us altered outlooks and a change in direction. While it remains to be seen what Camp Cope’s forthcoming record will sound like, “Blue” proves that it’s the product of Georgia Maq, Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich, and Sarah Thompson at their absolute best.

Camp Cope’s “Blue” is out now via Poison City Records.