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Bonds Celebrates Australia’s Greatest ‘Total Package’ Artists

G Flip

G Flip

We’ve banded together with Bonds to uncover Australia’s best artists that are the total package of music talent.

Perhaps more than ever before, being successful in today’s music industry requires more than the ability to sing or play an instrument. You’ve got to have the total package. But, what does it take? Good looks? Great songs? A huge social following? Charisma? A ‘personal brand’? There’s no doubt, we – the listeners, the fans, the studios – ask a lot of the musicians we love.

These young polymaths not only have incredible vocals, they can produce their own tracks, write their own music and bring authentic storytelling to everything they do. They’re creative, versatile and hungry to carve out their unique space in the industry. 

When you listen to their music, you’re not just hearing a catchy tune or a beautiful voice – you’re hearing the product of someone who has poured their total heart and soul into every aspect of the creative process. These are the artists who will make a lasting impact on the industry, and who inspire others to push the boundaries of what’s possible in music.

What can’t these talented musicians do? Not much, tbh. So we’re giving them the love they deserve. Rolling Stone has partnered with Bonds Total Package™ undies to showcase the major talents of Australian musicians who are hands down the ‘total package’.


Budjerah will showcase at BIGSOUND

Fresh off a performance at the 2023 Shure Rolling Stone Australia Awards, Budjerah is the award-winning singer and songwriter who – at 20 years old – has only seen his star rise in Australian music. From the Bundjalung nation, Budjerah has honed a signature sound of soul, R&B and jazz. It’s his smooth vocals, incredible range and infectious songwriting that have earned him a legion of fans – and even a spot supporting Ed Sheeran on tour. Speaking about his 2022 single, ‘Get Down’, Budjerah revealed the ambition that got him here. “‘Get Down’ is about the idea that I’ve come so far now, I have to keep going, it’s too late to stop what I’m doing now,” he said.  

Vance Joy 

Image of Vance Joy

Vance, Vance, Vance. No list of Aussie polymaths would be complete without this Melbourne-born singer-songwriter. Since releasing his debut single, ‘From Afar’ in 2013, he’s taken the world by storm with his unique blend of indie folk and pop. Beyond catchy pop hooks though, Vance Joy is known for his knack for weaving stories through heartfelt lyrics and beautiful melodies. We’ve all heard his hit coming-of-age single ‘Riptide’, which was co-written and produced by Joy. But it’s his third studio album, ‘In Our Own Sweet Time’, that proves Joy is no one-hit-wonder, and can expand beyond the signature sound that made us love him. 

Peach PRC 

At 26 years old, Peach PRC is a pop star, a TikTok sensation, a self-described oversharer, and a cathartic songwriter. Her hit debut single ‘Josh’ showed off her unique style, superstar stage presence and talent for writing clever lyrics and a catchy beat that will have you up and dancing along. “This is all I’ve ever wanted to do,” she told Rolling Stone back in 2021. “This is all I’ve ever dreamed about doing. Even where I am at right now is further than I ever thought I would take it.” It’s safe to say, she’s come a long way since then – and we can’t wait to see what heights she reaches next. 



Of course, we had to mention Flume. The electronic music producer and DJ who dominated the music industry with his innovative and genre-defying music. Flume, whose real name is Harley Streten, is lauded for his ability to produce, mix, and remix his own tracks, creating a unique and immersive listening experience. With early hits like ‘Never Be Like You’ or 2022 Triple-J Hottest 100 winner, ‘Say Nothing’ he’s given us a non-stop wave of creativity and intricate production over the last ten years.  


G Flip

G-Flip is the Melbourne-born, LA-based musician, producer and drummer that has impressed the globe with their raw, vulnerable, energetic tracks and live performances. Not only do they top the charts, G-Flip has dominated festival stages like Falls Festival, Splendour in the Grass, plus huge events like Sydney’s 2021 Mardi Gras and even the coveted AFL Grand Final. Just look at G-Flip’s instagram bio which proudly states, ‘i drum, i sing, g’day mate’ and you’ll see how they’ve got the total package of iconic music and great vibes. 

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