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Watch Alice Cooper Surprise Harry Nilsson’s Ailing Son Zak With New Song

Cooper shared the sweet tune on a recent episode of the YouTube Live show, Coffee Talk With ADIKA Live

Alice Cooper penned a charming song for Harry Nilsson’s son, Zak Nilsson, who is suffering from end-stage colon cancer and chose to enter hospice instead of continuing treatment.

Cooper’s song appeared on a recent episode of Coffee Talk With ADIKA Live, a YouTube Live show hosted by bassist Stefan Adika and writer and former Rolling Stone contributor Corey Levitan. Over the years, the pair have become friends with Zak Nilsson and invited him on their show for a conversation about his battle with cancer, chemotherapy, end-of-life care, and more.

To mark the occasion, Coffee Talk reached out to some of the surviving members of Harry Nilsson’s old drinking club, the Hollywood Vampires, to see if any would like to share a message with Zak. Cooper, the founder of the Hollywood Vampires, not only responded but did so with an original song that the Coffee Talk hosts surprised Zak with during the interview.

The tune sounds exactly like something Harry Nilsson would’ve made, with Cooper crooning brightly over a bouncy piano progression (and even trying to sing a bit a capella). “So Zak, your doc could be a quack,” Cooper sings, “Considering all that, tomorrow morning you’ll see the sun!”

From Rolling Stone US