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YAHYAH Gets Real About Her Heartfelt New EP ‘7 Lovers’

“These songs are ultimately about the journey of finding love in myself,” YAHYAH says



Auckland’s pop powerhouse YAHYAH dropped her new EP, 7 Lovers, last week. 

The polished collection is a personal journey about self-love through five heartfelt songs. Featuring previously released singles “How I’m Feeling RN” and “Sad Girl”, the EP also contains three brand-new songs: “Memories”, “7 Lovers”, and “Learning”.

“These songs as a project are a piece of my heart and ultimately about the journey of finding love in myself,” as YAHYAH explains. 

The musician, who showcased her talent in Australia at BIGSOUND recently, turned her attention to a national EP release tour this month, which culminates with a show at BIG FAN in Auckland this Friday, November 17th with special guests Frankie (more information here). And expect a big finale to the tour: “I thrive when I’m on stage, it’s my favourite place to be in the world,” YAHYAH says.

In the meantime, you can read YAHYAH’s reflections on her new EP below, as she takes Rolling Stone AU/NZ through the making of each song in more detail.

YAHYAH’s 7 Lovers EP is out now. 

“7 Lovers”  

7 Lovers probably took 18 months to do because we got to the finish line and I had a specific snare sound in my head. The snare probably took us about 40 different snares – got the right snare for you guys though. You’re welcome!

“How I’m Feeling RN” 

That’s got my vocals pitched up a bit. My producer Joel Jones pitched it up and pitched it down for different versions and we landed on the pitched up version with the Jersey beat. My first time doing a song like that.”


I wrote about a boy, a lot of this. This EP is about one specific person. He will never know and I will never tell. It’s a really powerful song for me because it just talks about cutting someone off and saying ‘I’m not going to accept this anymore.’


The last song on the EP was like therapy doing it in the studio with Joel. It’s quite powerful because it’s about coming back to self-love. I feel like I am a powerful independent woman, but it has been a struggle. People see me as confident in everything that I do. But that self-love sometimes isn’t there.”