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TikTok Launches ‘Sunset Sessions’: A New Stage for Emerging Artists to Shine

TikTok is showcasing the talent of five exciting Aussie musicians with a series of LIVE performances

Think about the most popular song right now. The one that’s so damn catchy the hook’s probably stuck on loop in your head. Where did you first hear it? Let’s face it, it was probably TikTok. Over the last few years, the social media giant has become the birthplace for viral dances, catchy tunes, and musical trends. 

Now, TikTok is helping us discover new local musicians with LIVE Sunset Sessions

The 15-part series puts the spotlight on five emerging artists, giving them a platform to perform live in front of a digital crowd against backdrop hues of the setting sun. 

From August to November, these five artists will be upskilled in performance, presence and confidence. Stepping up to the stage for TikTok fans, they’ll workshop fresh material and build their community on the app and beyond  

So, who’s on the lineup? 

Bailey Pickles

On first impression, Bailey Pickles is a fun-loving, curly-haired Aussie guy who obviously loves music. Scroll through his TikTok, and you’ll uncover a multi-talented instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and producer, all rolled into one. His performances on the piano have earned him over 126 million views from fans and attracted the attention of accomplished musicians and producers like Guy Sebastian, Nick Littlemore (PNAU) and Budjerah. 

Catch @baileypickles LIVE Sunset Sessions on TikTok:

August 13th, 5pm AEST
October 1st, 5pm AEST
October 22nd, 5pm AEST


Playing piano for one of Australia’s biggest bands… @The Rubens 🤩(Part 2) #therubens #petsanddrugs #viral also, my song is out tomorrow!!

♬ original sound – Bailey Pickles


ASHWARYA’s arrival on the music scene couldn’t have come at a better time. Her hypnotic tunes provided the breathy, electronic dose of energy fans were craving for late nights and long drives. Plus, she recently supported global superstar Dua Lipa at her Melbourne Palais Theatre show and had her songs picked up by Netflix and HBO MAX. Enough said. 

Watch @ashwaryamusic LIVE Sunset Sessions on TikTok:

August 20th, 5pm AEST
Sept 24th, 5pm AEST
Oct 29th, 5pm AEST


STREAM “UP IN MY HEAD” #newmusic #fyp #artist

♬ Up in My Head – ASHWARYA

South Summit

Festival favourites, South Summit are no stranger to the IRL stage. They’ve been wowing crowds with their hybrid disorder of alt rock, reggae, and indie at festivals like Falls Festival, Groovin The Moo, and BIGSOUND. Now, they’re ready to light up the virtual space with the Sunset Sessions.

Watch @southsummitband LIVE Sunset Sessions on TikTok:

August 27th, 5pm AWST
Sept 17th, 5pm AWST
Nov 5th, 5pm AEST


Sidelines, out now #newmusic #ausmusic #fyp

♬ original sound – South Summit


Srirachi is a fiery newcomer poised to make waves in Australia’s music scene. Known for her humour, sass and captivating personality, she combines viral charm with meaningful lyrics inspired by her experiences as a first gen Vietnamese-Australian. Along with TikTok’s Sunset Sessions, she’s set to drop her debut mixtape, Srirachi Safari in 2023. 

Watch @itsrachibaby LIVE Sunset Sessions on TikTok:

Sept 3rd, 5pm AEST
Oct 8th, 5pm AEST
Nov 19th, 5pm AEST


YAPPA YAPPA newmusic

♬ original sound – SRIRACHI 💋

Ricky Rosen

Close your eyes and listen to Ricky Rosen’s TikTok covers of iconic songs. You’d be forgiven for thinking you were hearing Frank Sinatra or Michael Bublé. It’s all part of Ricky’s charm as a soulful storyteller, which he doubles down on in his smooth, heartfelt original songs.

Watch @rickyrosen LIVE Sunset Sessions on TikTok:

Sept 10th, 5pm AEST
Oct 15th, 5pm AEST
Nov 12th, 5pm AEST


@laufey did it again #fromthestart #laufey #songcover

♬ original sound – Ricky Rosen

With TikTok’s LIVE Sunset Sessions these five musicians are all set to showcase their unique sound against the backdrop of the setting sun. 

Beyond hyping up fresh talent, TikTok is on a mission to redefine the music culture that starts on the platform. With its focus on showcasing emerging talent in a dynamic and visually stunning way, the experience brings a fresh perspective to the music industry.

As the sun sets on each performance, fans will be taken on a journey into the world of these artists, given an opportunity to discover new communities online and experience the magic of music in an entirely new way.

So, start following and mark your calendars. 

Tune in to the next LIVE this Sunday at 5pm AEST on @ashwaryamusic TikTok.

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