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More Than a Festival: Finding Love at Laneway

The iconic Trans-Tasman festival isn’t just about the music; for some, it’s where they meet the love of their life



After an unfortunate absence of three years, Laneway Festival is making its hugely-anticipated return in January 2023.

With exciting new venues and acclaimed international artists, the organisers are clearly eager to make up for lost time. And for some people, the iconic Trans-Tasman festival isn’t just about the music; it’s also where they met the love of their life.

Buoyed by the intoxicating festival crowd energy and the delightful summer weather, a surprising amount of people have found long-lasting romances at Laneway.

We collated just some of these endearing stories, which you can check out below, and revel in the unexpected joy of music festivals.

And who knows, maybe Laneway 2023 will be the moment you meet your significant other: perhaps you’ll lock eyes in Auckland as the Haim sisters contort their faces in unforgettable ways; maybe you’ll bump into the person you’ve always been looking for in the frenzied mosh pit as Fontaines D.C. play.

Tickets to Laneway 2023 are on sale now. The full lineup and dates are at the bottom of this feature. 

William and Bec – Laneway Melbourne 2015

Laneway is and always will be special to Bec and I. We first met deep in a mosh dancing to Vic Mensa in 2015. There was electric energy in the crowd. We had crazy chemistry dancing together, and we were macking within 5 minutes of meeting each other. 

We met each other when we were the most liberated and authentic versions of ourselves; carefree and having the time of our lives with close friends.

Fast forward 7 years and we are engaged, and have tickets to Laneway 2023. Bec and I cannot wait to dance, reflect and soak up what the stars (and mosh!) delivered for us. 

Anonymous – Laneway Adelaide 2020

My partner and I met at Laneway 2020. We met through mutual friends and connected over our love of the same bands and artists. It was just such a great environment to get to know each other and vibe together. We haven’t gone to another Laneway due to COVID, but we are planning to go to the 2023 one together!

Maxine and Henry – Laneway Auckland 2019

It’s Laneway 2019 and I’m introduced to a guy by a friend. An hour later, we’ve lost everyone else we arrived with and spent the entire day together, bouncing around stages, dancing and bonding over artists.

The atmosphere of Laneway is so relaxed, chill and upbeat that it was like we’d known each other for ages and I don’t think either of us thought it was weird to spend the day with a stranger. 

Days later we went on a first date and the rest is history. Ever since Laneway has been our “meetaversary!”

Dani and Alexander – Laneway Melbourne 2018

Alex and I met while waiting in line for hot chips at Laneway Melbourne in 2018.  Initially I thought there was no way that this person would be single, so I labeled the interaction as “low stakes” and continued chatting. 

Until COVID, I had been to Laneway every year from the age of 18 (when Laneway was literally in a Laneway). I have always felt that festivals were a great place to meet people as there are fewer inhibitions and most people are there for the same reason – their love of music. 

In 2018, Alex and I did just that. We bonded over CC. Disco and The War on Drugs, and sat on the grass all afternoon drinking beers while watching Father John Misty and Slowdive.  

A year later we eloped and moved to regional Victoria. Alex and I still go to festivals and see live music because it is one of the things that connects us. 


Laneway Brisbane

Anonymous – Laneway Sydney 2020

My boyfriend and I met at Laneway 2020! We met through mutual friends attending but danced to The 1975 together. We’ve now been dating for almost three years and love going to concerts and festivals together. 

Nicole and Hannah – Laneway Auckland 2017

It’s is the perfect place to fall in love – the sun is shining, tunes are playing, and people are happy. It’s almost impossible not to fall in love. 

I’ll never forget the moment the girl I’d been chatting to online emerged from the crowd at the Princes Street Stage. We floated through the crowd together then came to sit under a tree to chat and flirt while the sun went down, and then off into the night she went.

We’ve been to every Laneway together since. 

Lucy and Luke – Laneway Adelaide 2019

We met in the mosh for Masego by chance and had a boogie together. It was a great place to meet him because there was already a sense of camaraderie and a focus on a diverse range of musicians, so it was easy for us to click. 

In the weeks following we chatted about our similar taste in music and our experiences at the festival. Wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Life and COVID put our festival-going on hold but we’re both committed to going to more next year!

Nicole and Hannah at Laneway

Laneway 2023

HAIM (Exclusive)
JOJI (Exclusive)
100 GECS

Monday, January 30th

AUCKLAND/Tāmaki Makaurau (18+)
Albert Park

Saturday, February 4th
BRISBANE/Turrbal (16+)
Brisbane Showgrounds

Sunday, February 5th
SYDNEY/Burramattagal and Wangal (16+)
Sydney Showground

Friday, February 10th
ADELAIDE/Kaurna (16+)
Bonython Park

Saturday, February 11th
MELBOURNE Wurundjeri (16+)
The Park, Flemington

Sunday, February 12th
PERTH/Whadjuk (16+)
Wellington Square